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10 Things Happen When You Meet a Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship


10 Things Happen When You Meet a Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships are the scariest relationships you can be in. There is the element of abuse in it, but you can’t seem to do to anything about it since there’s always ‘a tiny’ hope in you that things will get better. You know you are suffering, but you are connected with the person so deeply that moving away will hurt you.

The dilemma of a toxic relationship can only be solved by taking bold steps. You have to decide for once whether you want to stay with your partner and really work it out or not. How do you deal after walking away from a toxic relationship? What happens when you meet someone else who proves to be healthier for you? You might push him away because he is not what you are used to. But he might be everything you need.

Here’s a list of 10 things that happen when you meet such a guy:

1. You expect the worst

You just got out of a toxic relationship so you think: “what good this guy can bring in my life?” You expect the worst from him and the situation.

2. Overthinking

You can’t seem to believe that people mean what they say. You overthink their every word, action and intentions. After all, you know best how you don’t want it to be.

3. He’s too good to be true

At first he might appear to you as the knight in shining armor from some fictional world. In the back of your head you’re expecting the other side to reveal itself. But he has given you no reason to question him. His behavior is the same from the beginning.

4. Pushing him away

You don’t want to get hurt anymore so you try to push him away. He will not take this in a negative way instead he will try to understand your reasons for doing it. If he really wants you, he will make an effort to show it.

5. Expecting fights

You are waiting for fights and explosions to happen. But everything seems to run smoothly and manage itself without you or him going all Hulk on the situation.

6. Too much apologizing

He will wonder why you apologize so much. You have been made to question yourself in the past and have apologized even though it wasn’t your fault. This will reflect on your current relationship. The good guy will make you feel comfortable and secure.

7. Are you better off without him and vice-versa?

This question will keep haunting you. You will keep thinking whether you are good enough for him, or whether you are better off on your own. You are scared to love and to be loved.

8. Overcompensating

When you are finally settled comfortably with this guy, you will try to love him as hard as you can. You will unconsciously try to compensate for your previously failed relationship. Don’t overdo it because there is no need for it. You don’t have to prove yourself again and again.

9. You start trusting him

After all the doubting thoughts and overthinking sessions comes the final seal of trust. You start believing in him and in your capacity to love again. You will share with him your past and your present. You will give him a reason to stay.

10. Love

You will experience what a healthy relationship should be like. You will experience mutual love, affection and care. Your previous standards regarding relationships will change as you see that there exists better in this world.

Now you will realize what true love feels like, definitely not like controlling someone. The right kind of love is spiritually, mentally and physically healing.

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