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10 Safest Countries To Be In If World War 3 Breaks Out

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10 Safest Countries To Be In If World War 3 Breaks Out

“Peace can and must be won, to save the world from the terrible destruction of World War III.” – Paul Robeson

Peace looks like a faraway dream with Donald Trump’s tiff with Iran, North Korea’s increasingly volatile actions in the region, and the list of sanctions placed on Russia.

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” – Albert Einstein

There is a debate regarding the nature of the war, whether it will be nuclear, economic or even cyberwarfare, but the result will be devastating. Based on the Global Peace Index 2017, the 10 best countries to be in a WW3 situation are as follows:

10. Ireland

Since the 1930s, Ireland has practiced military neutrality. It has jumped from twelfth to tenth this year with a 1.408 overall score, for low political instability and political terror, and has also fared well in U.N. peacekeeping funding.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland in fortified with its lofty mountains and has the oldest history of military neutrality, established during the Treaty of Paris in 1815. Its 1.373 peace index score is a result of absence in both internal and external conflict. It is surely a safe place to be in.

8. Slovenia

Slovenia’s goal of achieving self-sustainability is gaining momentum due to the developing thermal, solar and hydroelectric power sources that guarantee non-reliance on other countries for energy during international conflicts. Its score is 1.364.

7. Fiji

Fiji is geographically isolated. This island is located in the south pacific ocean, has never been a part of any global conflict and owing to its location, it is secure.

6. Denmark

Denmark regularly secures a high ranking among the happiest countries in the world. It’s 1.337 score proves that it is safe. Even though it is a part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, it is non-politically unaligned.

5. Austria

Austria ranks 4th out of 163 countries on the Global Peace Index 2017. Robert Frost wrote that “good fences make good neighbors,” and that’s true of Austria, whose neighbors like Czech Republic have also scored high on the index. It has a very low weapon import and holds peaceful elections.

4. Portugal

Referred to as the “oasis of stability” by Politico, Portugal came third in the Global Peace Index. They have managed a safe distance from all external conflicts since WW2 and lack internal threats too.

3. New Zealand

Just like Slovenia, New Zealand aims at self-sustenance. It gets most of its electricity from hydroelectric power and produces crop on its fertile land. It is cut away from the world.

2. Canada

Canada is the 8th most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index 2017. It does not participate in any global political agitation.

1. Iceland

Iceland scored a one on the Global Peace Index, making it the most peaceful country in the world. The island has scored low points for homicides, number of people in jail, and terror acts, earning a 1.111 overall in the Global Peace Index 2017. It is the safest place on earth right now.

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