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10 Amazing Facts About The Human Brain You May Never Find In Any Textbook


10 Amazing Facts About The Human Brain You May Never Find In Any Textbook

The human brain is the definition of complexity, amazement and wonder. We never learn enough about it. In fact, the more we learn, the more there is to discover; the more we dig into it, the deeper it gets. It houses an unending cycle of surprises!

Consider this: science says that when you are tired, you are more creative…. Uh, what? Didn’t tiredness make you feel exhausted? Well, it’s a fact and it’s just one of the facts. Just wait until you discover the 10 interesting facts about the human psyche – you will be left in bewilderment and wonder.

1. More intelligent the people, lesser their friends

Science has proven that people with higher IQ tend to have lesser friends. Why? Well, since these people already have a lot on their minds, more serious issues that require their immediate attention, they don’t have time for meaningless acquaintances. They feel like communicating is merely a waste of time. However, other studies have shown evidence that surrounding yourself with friends nurtures your mental health along with positively influencing your psychological state. It is why even the most intelligent of people need to get their heads away from the book sometimes.

2. When you are depressed, color perception changes

Have you ever heard someone suffering from depression say, “life has lost its colors”? Well, it isn’t metaphoric! Depression actually causes a change in color perception. Your retina becomes less sensitive to contrasting colors, leading you to poorly differentiate between them. It might happen the other way around as well – the more you surround yourself with dull colors, the more likely you are to feel sad and melancholy.

3. Bragging about your plans won’t really help them

We tend to talk about everything we plan to do. But, we shouldn’t. Whenever you make the decision to start something new, don’t tell anyone. It is because your brain will perceive the task as done and consequently, there will be no motivation to pursue it. It may sound mythical, but science has proved it using serious researches.

4. Depression is more prevalent among the young

A survey revealed that the unhappiest people in the world are aged below 30. Men and women ageing from 18 to 30 years are the ones who are more susceptible to anxiety and stress. Youth doesn’t sound as amusing and “youthful” as everyone paints it, right?

5. If you know a foreign language, it will help you make decisions

Now, that’s an interesting one! See, whenever we make decisions, we tend to be emotional about it – it comes with being human! However, if you try deciding using the foreign language, the rational part of your brain will get activated. It will ensure your decisions are more well-balanced and less risky.

6. Being tired makes you more creative

And all this long I thought tiredness only delays accomplishments! Turns out, it just may be the beginning of another huge project!

Obviously, exhaustion doesn’t allow the brain to work as efficiently as it normally would. It means we are less prone to rejecting the ideas which seem crazy at first. Also, less efficient brain activity means more creative thoughts! Hmm, makes sense why all the creativity kicks in when we are showering after a long, tiring day!

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7. 80% of what we converse about is gossip

REALLY? A major part of our conversations with others is just meaningless gossips about others? Wow! And it doesn’t apply to a particular gender – men are just as likely to gossip as women are. You might not learn something meaningful out of the gossips, but they sure help maintain social connections.

8. Money can buy happiness

Contradictory to the popular belief, science says you can buy happiness but the money shouldn’t be spent on yourself. When you spend money on others, in order to make them happy, it positively affects your self-esteem. You see yourself as more important and all of it makes you a happier self!

9. All it takes are 20 seconds to trust someone

Science says that if you embrace someone for as long as 20 seconds, it will create feelings of trust. When we feel safe, we release a hormone called oxytocin and it is the same hormone which is released when we hug someone for just as long. It calms us down and relaxes us. Ever more reasons to hug your loved ones, right?

10. 80% of your thoughts are negative

On average, 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts come to our mind every day – sounds like a big deal, no? It is! But here’s a kicker: 80% of these thoughts are negative and they keep circling around…. All the negativity and silly thoughts do not seem so stupid now, do they? It happens to everyone!

So, how many of these facts did you know about? Which one was the most surprising and interesting?

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