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Woman Was Taken Off Life Support To Die – 12 Days Later Utters 4 Words That Shocked Everyone

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Woman Was Taken Off Life Support To Die – 12 Days Later Utters 4 Words That Shocked Everyone

Sometimes even doctors can’t explain how a person heals, or wakes up all from a sudden death. There’s a higher power at stake and this story will make you believe that miracles do happen!

Nobody believed Mrs. Sheila Lewis will be able to spend Christmas at home. The video states “In Fargo North Dakota, it’s the Christmas that almost wasn’t.”

For several weeks Sheila was in coma and physicians gave up on her. There was just nothing they could do more…

It all began when Sheila was showing strange symptoms in September. Sheila’s daughter, Brady, says she doesn’t remember the date. Sheila stated that she feels her head wrapped with fog, Brandy’s brother Chasity Brandt recalled.

Sheila’s health was worsening by the day. At one time, she had forgotten the names of her kids, her grandchildren and herself. She was unable to talk when they brought her to Fargo Hospital. They had to put her on machines to be able to live…

When they brought her to Mayo Hospital the physicians gave up. They had no idea how to cope with it or help her, since they’ve never seen anything like it, Brady explained.

Due to her worsening health, she went into a coma as a result. She wasn’t responsive for 6 weeks. The hospital advised the family to say goodbye to her and take her off ventilator so she could rest in peace. Brandy, her daughter, agreed after a long period of thinking.

The medical staff disconnected Sheila’s life support and they were planing for her funeral. She was brought home to spend the last hours/days with her…

After 12 days without food, water or oxygen support, Sheila unexpectedly woke up and uttered 4 words that shocked everyone: “Help mom with water.” It almost made them faint, they just couldn’t believe it!

Not only she suddenly woke up from a coma, but she also gradually improved. The Mayo Hospital executive insisted on meeting Sheila as they classified her unbelievable comeback as a miracle.

As the video shows, Sheila’s health is back to normal. She walks, chats and surely remember every name she knew.

She’s a faithful servant of God, and she is confident that God had many plans for her by allowing her to live!

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