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Woman Snaps Photo Running Through Rainforest – But When She Zoomed In She Was Terrified

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Woman Snaps Photo Running Through Rainforest – But When She Zoomed In She Was Terrified

Over the years, the internet has been awash with many “spooky” images.

There is an abundance of such photographs if you want to hunt for them, ranging from possible Big Foot sightings to purported UFOs in the sky to ghosts appearing in the windows of old, rundown homes.

Let us be honest and say that most of these photographs aren’t as mysterious as people make them up to be.

In most cases, the spooky aspect or supernatural element is really a result of the camera’s accidental blurring or the work of a Photoshop genius with too much free time on their hands.

However, there are images that seem to contradict common sense in some way. Run the 100 miles through the Hawaiian jungle with runner Kay Borleis, who discovered a disturbing detail in a photo she took.

The point is not to question the motivations of anybody who would subject themselves to such a strenuous physical challenge.

The Hawaiian Ultra Running Team’s Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run, which takes place in 2019, reportedly included Kay running five laps of a twenty-mile loop through thick rainforest.

Cassie, a friend of Kay’s who was also serving as a pacer, was the one who took pictures while the two of them ran.

A picture that came up seemed to depict Kay trudging through the bush on a muddy path. Still, upon further inspection, she noticed something that can only be described as disturbing about the picture.

“My pacer took this photo,” Kay said on Reddit, before going on to explain.

Credit / Reddit – KayBorleis

“Notice the figure in the frame to the left of my head. We never saw anyone passing us and there were no statues along the trail.

“It is NOT photoshopped or made. This is legit.”

It does seem like a shadowy figure, clad in disheveled clothing, is watching Kay run in the shot in question when viewed up close. On the other hand, Kay maintained that nobody was around when those events occurred.

She explained: “According to legend, there are ghosts of Hawaiian warriors that roam the island and they’re called Night Marchers.

“They are, ‘murderous shades, demons, revenants that haunt the island. They are the rabid galvanized specters of ancient Hawaiian fighters, heroes, and warriors’.

Credit / Reddit – KayBorleis

“Upon further research, we found out that, ‘ancient Hawaiian tenets assert that any mortal gazing upon or being viewed in defiance to the marchers will die horribly and violently. Some people declare that if the mortal lies still, down on the ground, prostrated to the marchers they are giving proper respect, fear, and reverence to the Night Marchers; and they will be forgiven and spared.’”

“Luckily, we did not see the supposed Night Marcher.”

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