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With 3 Words On Twitter, Cher Announced The Heartbreaking News

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With 3 Words On Twitter, Cher Announced The Heartbreaking News

Cher shocked the world with a 3 word twitter update, and we are praying for her loss.

In September, Cher revealed that her mother is not in the best shape. At the time, she told Twitter: “Sorry I’ve Been Mia. Mom’s Been Sick Off & On. She Just Got Out Of Hosp. She Had Pneumonia.”

The twitter update that broke out hearts was short: “mom is gone.”

Cher’s mother, Holt, was best know for her roles in “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” (1955). She also appeared in 1956’s “I Love Lucy”, as well as flicks such as “Father’s Little Dividend” and “Lovely to Look At” in the same decade. She is also a singer-songwriter and producer.

In 2013, Holt released her debut album “Honky Tonk Woman”, which she had originally recorded back in the ’80s.

Holt’s life is deeply focused on in “Dear Mom, Love Cher,” a 2013 American television documentary The film, directed recounts Cher’s family history and features in-depth interviews with her, Holt, Holt’s other daughter Georganne LaPiere, and Holt’s grandchildren, from Cher, Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman.

Holt was born in 1926 to a 13-year-old mother and 20-year-old father and sang in Oklahoma saloons as a young girl, before seeking fame as a singer and actress in Hollywood.

She divorced her first husband and placed Cher in a Catholic orphanage.

“I heard the abortion story when I was a teenager,” Cher said in “Dear Mom” in 2013.

“The orphanage story has been a touchy one for my mom her whole life, and she didn’t want to talk about it. I said, ‘Mom, why didn’t you just march in and take me?’ She said, ‘I didn’t have the power. I didn’t have any money or a job, and the church was so strong. I’d go see you every day and you’d be crying. You don’t know what it was like.’ It was harder for women then.”

Loss of a mother is a tough one and it came to her when things got well. Just last month she confirmed that she is dating a 36-years younger than her, Alexander Edwards, a 36-year-old music producer.

Cher revealed that she’d already introduced Edwards to the rest of her family, adding that “love doesn’t know math!” The comment was made for those who may judge the age gap between the two (he is 36 and he is 76, more than twice her age.)

Fans were really glad to see Cher happy with another man.

Some fans were worried about the age gap and perhaps saw Edward as a “potential threat,” which she beautifully replied: “As we All Know …I WASN’T BORN YESTERDAY,& What I Know For Sure…There Are No Guarantees. Anytime you make a Choice You Take a Chance. I’ve Always Taken Chances…It’s WHO I Am.”

Cher spore directly about the age-gap, writing: “Love doesn’t know math, it sees [red heart emojis]. Rinpoche told me ‘some ppl [sic] meet, others ‘recognise’.”

Indeed, Cher is experienced in these things, given that she’s in the industry for decades.

Just 36 years old, Edward is the vice president of A&R at the famous record label which boasts a roster of musicians including Rihanna, Nas, Public Enemy and Justin Bieber.

Losing a mother is one of the hardest things a person can go through.

We will keep Cher in our thoughts and prayers in this difficult time – we hope she can find the strength to pull through.

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