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Why Do Empaths Have Such a Strong Sense of Not Belonging


Why Do Empaths Have Such a Strong Sense of Not Belonging

Though many might not realize it at the start, but it seems that the bug of wanderlust always bites the empaths sooner or later. They like to travel a lot, and not just that, but they are also quick to move on from a certain place for good.

Now, wanting to see different places and experience different cultures is definitely a very good quality to have. After all, we have only one life and this amazingly beautiful planet to explore.

But, what we need to realize is that the cause is as important as the effect. So it is necessary to know why do the empaths like to travel so much? What makes them pack their bags and leave a place nearly as soon as they move there? Why don’t they feel a sense of belonging to any place and keep flitting from one place to the next hoping to find a place they can finally call their own? And do they ever find this home?

You see, being an empath is very hard work.

It is easy to think that they have it so good, being able to feel other’s emotions, being able to tell if other people are lying and so on. But the amount of energy it takes to deal with so many raw emotions at a daily basis is sometimes just too much.

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Empaths feel drained out on a daily basis and need quite some time off to sufficiently recharge themselves. Travel is one way for them to break away from it all. When they stay at a place for too long they also get too attached to those people.

Their emotions affect them to a much greater level than some stranger walking down the street. Going on vacations helps them to slow down these intense emotions. I say slow down, because sadly, they can never turn it all the way down. They’d always be able to feel the emotions and thoughts of others and it takes them great resolve to be able to tune them out long enough to have some quiet time for themselves.

This is about the need for a break from the everyday that makes them want to travel. But there is one more reason why they can’t ever seem to stay at one place and this one is slightly more complex, and depending on how you look at it – slightly more tragic as well.

Even though they empathize naturally with others, they themselves never let anyone come close enough to know what they are going through. Because even if they did communicate, they’d never be able to make others realize exactly what they are going through. At least it is nowhere near as much they feel. And most people don’t even bother trying. They sometimes use the empaths as an emotional dumping ground and seem to forget that they are sentimental as well.

They are much more aware of how awful people can turn out to be and how unfair life is. All these emotions make them want to run away and escape every time they have been at a place long enough to know and feel everything bad about it.

They are more aware of the darkness and it makes them scared. They are also afraid of becoming prey to energy vampires; people who feed off on the energies of others. Even though empaths are much more capable of knowing when they are being used, this also leads to paranoia a lot more often than you’d think.

Basically they travel because they want a break from things but sadly for them, they can never run away from people.

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