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Whispers from Heaven: A Newborn’s Quest for Understanding and Love


Whispers from Heaven: A Newborn’s Quest for Understanding and Love

In the realm where souls find their beginning, a tender exchange took place between a newborn spirit and the divine.

Curious and innocent, the newborn questioned the grand design that lay ahead—Earth, a world both enchanting and perplexing.

“How, in a world so vast and unknown, will I navigate as a mere speck? How can I comprehend languages I’ve never heard, and who will shield me from the uncharted? And above all, how can I bear the absence of your presence?”

The divine responded with promises of an angelic guide, a guardian to sing the songs of joy, to share the gift of speech, and to kindle the beacon of protection.

Yet, as the newborn grappled with the thought of parting from the divine source, a plea arose—to know the name of this angelic companion.

A tale of guidance, love, and exploration awaits, as we delve into the journey of a soul taking its first steps on the path of humanity, accompanied by an angelic presence whose name holds a key to a destiny yet unknown.

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Here’s the story

They tell me that tomorrow you’ll send me to Earth, but how will I navigate a world so vast and unfamiliar while being so tiny and dependent?” inquired a newborn to God.

“In your journey, your guardian angel will be your guiding light, watching over you,” reassured God.

The infant pondered, “Yet here in this heavenly realm, my happiness simply requires songs and smiles.”

“Your angel will sing your joyous tunes and share radiant smiles on your behalf,” God replied. “Their love will surround you, filling your heart with boundless delight.”

Curiosity lingered as the baby questioned, “How will I grasp the words spoken by others, unfamiliar with Earth’s languages?”

“Your angel will gift you the most mellifluous and kind words, nurturing your understanding. With unwavering patience, they shall teach you the art of speech,” God promised.

“And when I long to converse with you, how shall I reach out?”

“Through your angel’s guidance, you’ll learn the language of prayer, as they clasp your hands and lead you,” the Lord explained.

Trepidation emerged once more, “Who will shield me from harm?”

With immense affection, God responded,

“Your angel’s devotion will serve as your shield, even at the expense of their own existence.”

A pang of melancholy gripped the newborn, “But if I lose sight of you, sorrow might consume me.”

“Though you can’t see me, know that I’m forever with you,” God consoled. “Your angel will illuminate your path and unveil the route back to me.”

Amidst the tranquility of Heaven, a whisper of urgency swelled within the child, “God, if my departure is imminent, grant me the name of my angel,” as distant Earthly murmurs drew near.

“In this realm, she shall be known as ‘Mom,'” God whispered, embracing the essence of Earthly bonds.

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