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What The Next Two Months Will Look Like For You, Based On Your Zodiac


What The Next Two Months Will Look Like For You, Based On Your Zodiac

The Fates are very tricky and hardly ever sit still on one possibility…

January and February were a wild ride, especially in 2018. Right after the shortest month in the year there will be many things changing for each and every zodiac sign.

I’m sure the past few months has taken each one of us on different, interesting path. With only two months passed this year, let’s go over what the universal energies have in store for your Zodiac sign:

1. Aries

You probably feel like you’re caught in the middle of a storm, and you don’t even know what got you here. It’s Uranus, responsible for the disruption. You are not doing well as far as love is concerned, either. However, don’t lose heart, Venus will hold up your score in the latter part of the year. This might mean the mending of broken bridges or the starting over or something new. Either way, it will benefit you. Pluto will test out your capabilities in your job sphere, but if you take it head on, and be responsible, you will emerge victorious.

2. Taurus

You’re lost. It’s almost like you’re standing at a crossroad, and do not know which avenue to pursue. Calm down. It’s alright. We are all unsure of our decisions most of the time. It’s what makes the modern philosophy float. So, don’t tear yourself down for not having a set plan. If you decide to undertake a path that is hard, be sure that the Universe will reward you for it.

3. Gemini

Things have been far from stable for you. You have undergone some really bizarre changes in your romance, family, and career. If you look back, you’ll see a scared version of yourself who is unsure of the hurdles in front. But you’ve overcome all of them. Take some pride in it. Sometimes, it’s important to protect your mental health over a relationship.

4. Cancer

You can hardly believe that you have made it this far. The past year has been far from kind to you. You had never imagined the situations you were dragged through in the past months, and it baffles you that you’re still alive and healthy. Hold on, mate. Trust destiny to have bigger plans for you in store. What started in a mess, won’t necessarily end in one.

5. Leo

Last year has been bad to you in terms of mental health. You have felt like you’re gradually losing yourself. Name any sphere of your life, and you have a list of people you’d want to shoot. However, this isn’t the end. You’re going to end up in a happier space in your life quite soon, so don’t give up yet.

6. Virgo

In terms of your career, you have take a formidable step, and I applaud you for it. It doesn’t seem the least bit easy, but you have done what you had to do. You haven’t let your inhibitions stop you, and that is highly commendable. In terms of romance, you’re emotionally invested in a human being who isn’t giving you their everything. By the end of March, they’ll either learn to be better versions of themselves, or you’ll learn to ditch the affair.

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7. Libra

Time heals everything. The wounds that you carry, will close. The scars all over you, will heal and fade. Do not look for comfort in another person or relationship. They could all potentially destroy you, and leave you feeling worse. So, focus on yourself, and be your own guiding light.

8. Scorpio

You were born eighty. The people around you, feel like they’re much younger, solely because you hold a worldview far beyond your years. Being fiercely protective, you generally never let people affect you. But before the end of April, you will bump into another human being, who will affect you like no other. No matter how much distance you try to maintain, it will play out very differently this time.

9. Sagittarius

The past few months hurt you in ways unthinkable. You’re probably clinging onto an old romance, hoping that it will reappear in your life. You have had a hard time getting over them. However, the logical thing to do is find closure. Instead of letting bad memories kill you over and over again, one must make peace, and move ahead.

10. Capricorn

You think you have found your soul mate, your twin flame. However, you’re facing a massive hurdle in your relationship. The issue is whether or not you want to invest your energy in this, and fix it. This is an important decision to overcome. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her?

11. Aquarius

Old friends or acquaintances are going to reappear in your life. While you might take that as a good sign, and greet them well, they will probably hold on to past grudges and not let you hear the end of them. Do not allow this toxicity in your life, from anybody.

12. Pisces

Trust your gut. You are finally ready to move on in life. You’re going to cut yourself off from all the harm, and the toxic memories. All the effort that you have invested, will bear fruit, and you will finally have a chance to be at your happiest. However, do not be complacent, because the old things can come back at any time.

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