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Watching These 10 Helpless Animals Rescued Will Return Your Faith In Humanity


Watching These 10 Helpless Animals Rescued Will Return Your Faith In Humanity

It is common to witness people empathize with other humans but it is something when humans go an extra mile to put helpless animals out of their misery.

Even though there is no scarcity of animal-lovers in this world, there is a specialized group of volunteers who have dedicated their lives to protect miserable and stranded animals.

Animal Aid Unlimited is another such group and in this video, their efforts in helping 10 of the destitute and solitary is vividly evident.

Undoubtedly, even the slightest emotional person would have felt warmth when the terrorized puppies were reunited with their mother who had her head stuck inside of a plastic bottle. It is the kind of humanity we need – compassion, empathy and kindness towards every living soul!

These feeble creatures were met with tragic accidents or were caught up in situations they could not get out of on their own.

Some encountered near death experience and if it was not for these humanitarians, they might not have breathed freely or lived to see another day.

Notice how the dog, who is stuck between the grilled rods of the gate, run around with joy when the rescuers set him free!

Let the relief of the cow and the dog in the pit settle in before realizing just how scared they were before the selfless men came to their rescue.

You know how they say one kind gesture goes a long way? Inevitably, their efforts may start what is called a ripple effect – today, they saved these vulnerable creatures, tomorrow it might be one of us!

After all, we all feel the pain whenever we see an animal suffering, right? We hurt when we hear them cry for help!

Today, these 10 animals lived to see another day set in good health. Tomorrow, there might be a 100!

Thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited for this inspirational video! Make sure to check their Facebook Page too!

Please donate to help these lovely animals!

Watch the video bellow:

10 jaw-dropping animal rescues!

Oh, to see them in terror, confusion, exhausted from trying to climb out, pull away from the bars, escape the plastic, swim up the walls…these rescues from nearly-fatal situations will fill your heart with unforgettable relief. What would have happened if we HADN’T come to their rescue? The 10 animals you’re about to meet make it crystal clear. If we hadn’t come, these angels would have died where they were. But because of your love and generous help, we saved them.The rescues start from your heart. Please donate:

Posted by Animal Aid Unlimited on Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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