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Unusual Dance By Two Girls Had The Entire Crowd On Their Feet

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Unusual Dance By Two Girls Had The Entire Crowd On Their Feet

At first, you might not give this dance routine the credit it deserves for its mesmerising intensity.

Clogging is a spectacular kind of Irish dancing that relies heavily on feet and uses very little upper body movement. But the routine shown in this video gives the old technique a new and exciting spin.

At the 2013 Clogging Champions of America – Showdown of Champions in Knoxville, Tennessee, Madison and Morgan’s powerful clogging duet was the main attraction. Apart from the traditional Irish music typically linked with clogging, their performance is set to the energetic “Hit the Ground Runnin'” by Keith Urban.

Madison and Morgan immediately shock everyone by showing up in clog shoes, white jeans, and plaid shirts.

The duo starts their thrilling performance with their backs to the crowd, generating suspense as the audience cheers in anticipation.

Madison and Morgan quickly spin around, radiating energy and smiling brightly as the music starts. They start the duet off with their coordinated footwork, then go on to hand-holding and elegant twirls.

Astonishing high jumps, stage circles, and high kicks are just a few of the ways the girls update the classic clogging techniques in their act. Their choreography is flawless, as they move in perfect time with one another.

By incorporating upper-body arm and hand movements, Madison and Morgan bring a lively, modern energy to the traditional dance form, making it more playful and exciting. The mesmerising performance is a result of combining classic and modern components, which captivates the audience.

People were so amazed by the fluid cuts and deft footwork that they had to share their thoughts in the comments. Clogging sparked a lively discussion about its categorization, while some lauded its active nature.

One reviewer, despite the diversity of views, highlighted the cultural significance of clogging and how it developed into a contemporary Irish-American dancing style.

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Another confirmed the routine’s veracity by relating anecdotes about their time spent teaching clogging and by pointing out the integrated modern and traditional components.

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