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This Will Be Your Downfall In 2018, According To Your Zodiac Sign


This Will Be Your Downfall In 2018, According To Your Zodiac Sign

All of us have both highs and lows waiting in store for us in 2018, but our Zodiac does have a say in how. Use this information to find out what you need to watch for or change, in order to enjoy this year a lot better and to save yourself the trouble of suffering.

Here’s the rundown on what the different signs have to be wary of in the New Year:


Your biggest downfall would be your high expectations. Whether it be people, situations or yourself, you expect nothing but the best of it. Keep in mind that this makes for very unrealistic goals. Instead of stressing too much about how perfect everything should be and needs to be, try focusing on making the best of life as it comes to you. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and things.


You still seem to be stuck on the past and seem as if you are unable to move on. You keep repeating conversations in your head, wondering what could have gone differently so that you could have saved your relationship. This brooding does you no good and you’d be better off investing in and building new relationships.


You seem to be too much focused on your work and because of that your personal life is suffering horribly. Remember that everything is good in moderation and that balance is the key to a happy life. Try to create a healthy work-life balance and to be blindly focused only on your career.

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You don’t seem to accept defeat easily. You don’t want to be proven wrong even if it is at the expense of your personal relationships. This also hinders your judgment and sometimes you are too blinded by your ego to accept what is right. Take some time to reflect upon how your ego has gotten in the way in the past so that you can better yourself.


You’ve been too negligent of yourself in the past. And now you find yourself with some unhealthy habits which you can’t seem to get rid of. You know that all your problems have their root in your bad habits. But even realizing that doesn’t make it any easier for you to let go of them.


You have been very dismissive about the problems of others. This careless attitude has made many people turn against you. Your friends are drifting away because you can’t seem to be bothered by anything.


You have been having a hard time of severing ties even though you know that a relationship is being harsh on you. You let people take advantage of you because you can’t bring yourself to end things with them. But it only ends up in making you feel even worse.


You seem to have a very hostile and unwelcoming attitude towards new people and new ideas. And it does not go unnoticed by others. This makes it hard for you to have make new friends.


Your past is your enemy because it doesn’t let you move on. The events in your past have such a big hold on you that you cannot think rationally about the future and neither can you fully relish the present. What’s done is done and you need to start looking forward to what is next.


You enjoy being on your own. But this preference for privacy has ended up driving people away from you. Even though you might have chosen it voluntarily, loneliness is not a good feeling. Try to be more inclusive of the others.


All of us make mistakes, but you seem to have a hard time dealing with yours. You have been running away from your errors instead if embracing them and moving on. This has made you stuck in the past. Any mention of it and you fly off the hook because it is your defense mechanism to avoid talking about it ever, but this is not healthy.


You don’t seem to want to take lessons from your mistakes. Every time you miscalculate something, you are in a rush to move on to something else so as to make up for the previous mistake. But it is as necessary to learn from those mistakes too otherwise you’d keep repeating them.

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