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This Artist Stunning Performance Will Speak To Your Soul

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This Artist Stunning Performance Will Speak To Your Soul

I think music has probably been an escape for everyone at some point in our lives, unless you come from a crazy Footloose town.

I have no idea where I would be without music throughout the entire day.

From working on my computer, to working out, to chilling and resting on my hammock in my backyard, everywhere I go I am taking my best friend with me. Music.

Alexandro Querevalú performace

Alexandro Querevalú is a brilliant performer, the versatility which he expresses in his musical interpretations are felt deep within the soul.

Alexandro was born in Lima, Peru, to a humble but hard·working family. The oldest son of the family, he dreamed of helping his family financially. With this in mind, he emigrated to Poland at the age of 18.

He plays a wide variety of wind instruments, such as the Quena, Quenacho, Antara, Basto Zampona and Malta Zampona, among others.

He has a large repertoire, including The Last of the Mohicans, El Condor Pasa, and many other favourites.

His live performances dressed in different Native American costumes are truly breathtaking.

Alexandro still lives in Poland and regularly gives live performances on the promenade in Swinoujscie. He was also a contestant on a Polish talent show.

His artistic resume is wide, starting from 1982 till today.

Listen to his amazing talent and positive vibe bellow:

Purimuy by Alexandro Querevalú

Purimuy, dancing on the floor by Alexandro QuerevalúYouTube Subscribe: #cry #tears #sad #indian #flute #awesome #deep #breathtaking #soul #goosebumps #live #pain #nostalgia #street #native #meditation

Posted by Alexandro Querevalú on Saturday, September 24, 2016

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