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This amazing girl without her arms creates astonishing artwork


This amazing girl without her arms creates astonishing artwork

The only factor that one must keep in mind in this rather eventful life that one leads, is that there is something special in everything and everyone. “Life is a box of chocolates” indeed as Forrest Gump quotes it with an unwitting half smile and a shrug.

There are people in the world who can surprise you beyond anything you can imagine. You can learn something from every single person you pass on the road on a random day, simply because every single person leads a number of lives, and a number of complex lives at that.

You can only see a few strands of that complex system called life on someone’s face.

This is especially true in cases when you end up looking at a person’s so-called “condition” and end up pitying them. Say a person born with no arms or legs, or someone poor and homeless.

And you do not look back. You pity them and you leave it there, never trying to get yourself down to their level and empathize. Sympathy, you see, is a very tricky thing. It gives you a notion of doing good and being kind, but you end up just turning your head to the other side.

They never needed your pity. They might have needed help, but never pity.

Ever heard of Christie Brown? Irish artist? They made a movie about him, and was played by the great Daniel Day Lewis.

Well, you ought to go and search for it ASAP. And while you are at it, you should go and just randomly search something like “person with no arms and legs creates artwork.”

Trust me, you will not regret this waste of few minutes.

You will really see people who fight wars with themselves and everything they were taught about themselves. How they are unable to do something as basic as picking a spoon, or walking, and still never let their creativity bottled up. All for a crowd that can only gape in awe at them and their achievements, but never ever understand them.

The lesson to learn here is quite simple actually, whatever life throws at you, it’s not the end of the picture. What matters is, simply this: do not let things slide that easy.

Show some fight in you. Show your mettle and your strength.

Life gives us hard test sometimes, and they will never be easy to pass. They are designed to make us stronger, and if not anything else, kinder.

I always write things about these amazing people that inspire us on a daily basis, but I couldn’t find anything about this amazing girl bellow.

Watch this amazing girl bellow uploaded by Digilol:

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