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This 68-Years-Old Shredded Grandpa Proves That Age Is Just A Number


This 68-Years-Old Shredded Grandpa Proves That Age Is Just A Number

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

It’s been an issue for us all: aging. Especially for women who always want to stay young.

We go through extremes to slow down the aging process: beauty regimes, diets, and now even worse, plastic surgeries.

If you ask me personally, I think it’s frightful that the plastic surgeries and “beauty” injections are becoming trend. Every second person injects botox to look prettier than before. Just because many people use it, it doesn’t make it normal. I understand if someone consider these things in a case where the person has healthy issues with some parts of their body, but people already looking perfect (the way they were made to look since they were born) shouldn’t even think about getting under a knife or injections. But this is all just an opinion!

I respect old people that age with style! The ones that naturally prove us that age is just a number.

One of those examples is the awesome grandpa bellow, Bill Hendricks.

He’s a former marine who lives in Dallas and now spends his time as an online fitness influencer.

Bill’s a 68-year-old granddad who spends at least two hours a day in the gym and shares his workout routines to his Instagram profile.

After just two years in the online game, he’s now got thousands of fans who follow his videos.

“I was reposted on a group for over 40s who keep fit and all of a sudden, I had thousands of people following me and interested in how I managed to look like I do,” Bill told Metro UK.

Bill has become an online inspiration for many people. I would love to be like Bill one day!

Make sure to follow his inspirational workout videos on his Instagram profile!

Take a look at his awesome 68-year-old body bellow:

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