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This 146 Year Old Man Reveals His Secret For Longevity And It’s Not What You Think

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This 146 Year Old Man Reveals His Secret For Longevity And It’s Not What You Think

It is said that Sodimejo, or Mbah Gotho, 146, once spent much of his time in his living room smoking cigarettes and listening to a wayang show on the radio, earning him the title of “oldest living person” in Indonesia.

Clearly, he was weaker, but Mbah Gotho was physically healthy for someone of his age!

In his final year, he started using a walking stick. There are no specific foods he needs to stay away from. His grandson, Suryanto, attests, “He eats all kinds of food.”

Mbah Gotho, who passed away on 28th of April 2017 at Cemeng village, Sambungmacan, Sragen, was born on December 31, 1870, as verified by his resident identity card (KTP).

According to these figures, Mbah Gotho is much older than the previous world record holder, the Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who passed away at the age of 122.

Mbah Gotho could still talk effectively and fluently despite the decline in his vision and hearing over the years.

He did concede that he could not recall his exact birth year.

The opening ceremony of the Gondang sugar factory, constructed near Sragen in 1890, was something he vividly recalled.

Since he had just started learning how to plow paddy fields, he guessed he was around 10 years old at the time.

“In my community, children as young as 10 often worked alongside their parents to plow paddy fields.” Mbah Gotho explained his age prediction methodology as follows.

Is Mbah Gotho’s claimed age of 146 a hoax?

According to his identification, he was born on December 31st, 1870.

Sriyanto, chief of Cemeng village, is unable to verify this because he has lost Mbah Gotho’s birth certificate.

Mbah Gotho’s KTP was issued by the Sambungmacan district office, and the Cemeng village office wrote him an introduction letter using merely his family card as proof of identity.

It was clear to Sriyanto. Mbah Gotho, a native of Cemeng, was born after Mbah Dipo, who lived to be 112, passed away.

According to Sriyanto, Mbah Dipo frequently claimed before his death that Mbah Gotho was much older than him. “Mbah Dipo once told us that Mbah Gotho was married when he was still a child,” Sriyanto recalled.

Five of Mbah Gotho’s 12 children, 17 of his great-grandchildren, and two of his great-great-grandchildren are still alive today. He was married four times. Rayem, his final partner, passed away in 1997.

Since his wives and children had already passed away, Mbah Gotho spent his final years with his grandkids and great-grandchildren, among them was Suryanto.

Since Mbah Gotho was supposedly the oldest person alive, the regent of Sragen, Kusnindar Untung Yani Sukowati, has committed to track down his demographic documents.

Mbah Gotho didn’t want to leave without sharing some of the secrets to his long life.

“He has never suffered a severe illness.” Mbah Gotho attributes his longevity to wholeheartedness. “Life is only a matter of accepting your destiny wholeheartedly.

I have wanted to die for a long time. My wives, children and siblings all have passed away but Gusti Allah [God] has blessed me with a long life.

I have to live my life patiently and accept my destiny wholeheartedly,” he told The Jakarta Post at his home in Sragen, Central Java.

In this video, he reveals his simple secret to a long life:

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