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These 10 Signs Are Indicators That Your Soul Is Tired, Not Your Body


These 10 Signs Are Indicators That Your Soul Is Tired, Not Your Body

Have you ever felt drained of your energy after continuous periods of mental or emotional stress? It often happens because the tiresome periods of stress exert great pressure on your soul, your inner self.

Even though soul isn’t something tangible, it very much exists and you can feel it going into deep rest after going through immensely mentally or emotionally stressful time.

You know how we try lifting ourselves up at times but still fail to do so, only to end up feeling more lethargic and low? Well, it’s because we mistake our soul’s tiredness with that of our body.

We forget that our soul needs time to heal and replenish just like its vessel. So, take note of the following 10 signs to know if it is your soul which is actually tired.

1. All you want to do all day is lie down and rest. You feel extremely exhausted all the time and end up taking frequent naps. It is even hard to get out of bed in the morning and when you go to bed at night, you are restless due to the real-feeling intense dreams and nightmares you experience.

2. You will feel bodily pain as well, an aching sensation throughout your body. There are other physical symptoms as well including tension, dizziness, stomach-aches, blurred vision and headaches without any reason.

3. You do not know what you feel. If someone asks you what’s wrong, you have no idea what to say because you do not know it either. The complex feeling is quite there but you don’t seem to pinpoint what that is. The negative energy is felt deep within.

4. It will happen often that you will feel fragmented and disoriented since your body and mind is out of sync. Here, mind is what represents your tired soul.

5. You will experience intensified emotions. Everything you feel will be at extremes and you might find yourself burst into tears for no reason. At times, you feel like your heart will explode with love and the very next moment, you will feel broken. There is just a surge of emotions of all kind.

6. Since you’re very tired internally, it may manifest as actual disorders like mild panic attacks and chronic anxiety. Though, you need to understand that they may occur as separate issues and not because of a tired soul.

7. Even when you are with people, you feel extremely lonely. It is almost like you do not have anyone for you when in fact your friends are trying to help you out. You become skeptical of people around you and feel like you can’t trust them since you feel on defense most of the time.

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8. You feel negative about almost everything which happens to you, like you feel bitter, jealous, angry or resentful. It happens despite the fact that you are a compassionate, forgiving and caring person under normal circumstances. Nothing seems to be really happening and instead, you become agitated easily.

9. You feel physically weak and even the slightest movements make you feel exhausted. When normally going to gym and working out makes you happy, you feel lethargic if your soul is tired. You feel like it is too much of hard work and you do not have energy to exert anymore.

10. You often feel uncertain about your future and become scared. Your energy is drained to an extent that you feel like packing your bags and starting a new life elsewhere. It is that exhausting. It feels like you can’t take pleasure in all the things you once enjoyed.

Now that you know what a tired soul feels like, if you are experiencing these 10 things, it is time you start thinking about yourself before anyone else. Step away from your mundane life and relax. Give your soul enough time to heal. Practice balancing your energy and avoid things which provoke negativity. Do things which make you happy. Take a long, warm bath, meditate and spend time with people who lift you up, who love you.

It can be a serious issue if your soul is tired for too long. Just like you take care of your body, you need to take care of your soul as well – it is what actually makes you You. Stay positive and indulge yourself in activities which nurture your soul.

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