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The Way You Make a Fist Says a Lot About Your Personality–Find out What

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The Way You Make a Fist Says a Lot About Your Personality–Find out What

A lot of the things that we do are unconsciously affected, and one of them is the way you make a fist. How you do that says a lot about someones personality. It reveals your overall temperament, your attitude towards people and life and how you might react in certain situations in life.

Take a look at the picture and read about the number that describes the way you make a fist.

Type 1 – The Popular Perfectionist

Inventive, intuitive and creative – what an ambitious perfectionist you are! You are never without a plan and you are always far ahead on everything. Being a good strategist, you love juggling a few goals at the same time.

You adapt quickly to any new situations, even when some of them happen unexpectedly. Being a quick thinker, master strategist and improviser, your success is almost always ensured due to these qualities.

At work or school, romantic relationships or family members, coworkers or friends – you manage to have great relationships with all of them. You are a well rounded person and your intuition never fails you. You are an empath that deeply cares about all your relationships with the people close to you – family, partner and close friends.

When it comes to work, you try out different strategies until you find the one that works well for you. You would rather do things on your own and work by yourself. By being a perfectionist, that doesn’t surprise you; you know that you will get things done yourself just the way you want to.

However, because you do many things at once and trying to achieve several goals at once, you can often get pretty overwhelmed. You can get impatient when things and plans don’t work out the way you want them to and that can leave you frustrated. It is important to remember to handle one thing at a time when you start to feel overwhelmed or like you are not achieving what you need to. Step back and relax and give it another go. It happens to the best of us to not be able to control everything at once, and it is important to take a breath and try again to find our balance.

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Type 2 – The Sensible Specialist

You are the “do-er” type of person. You can and you will make things happen! If any of your friends need anything, they know that you are the person that they can fully trust to get things done.

You are motivated, focused and persistent. A very hard worker and a natural leader – nothing can stop you from what you want to achieve.

You are a very honest person, even too much at times and also open-minded. You don’t care about what others think or say about you, with a few exceptions. You have a optimistic personality and you are a big realist.

You might be great at collaborating and leading the whole team in your work areas, and you are great at achieving your goals and tasks, but when it comes to socializing, this is something about you that you might have to work on. You might not like big crowds and socializing that often and that is perfectly fine. But when being around people, you can be dismissive of people that you feel as if you have nothing to learn or gain from them.

Try to relax from time to time and not only focus on work. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard, but it is strongly advised that you do so every once in a while. You might be an expert in what you do and a few more things and areas, but if you step out of your comfort zone and be open about meeting new people and changing your life scenery, you might learn a few more things and have some fun. It might sound like something that you definitely don’t want to do, but trust that you will enjoy it!

Type 3 – The Introspective Intellectual

The knowledge and experience you have makes you a wise out-of-the-box thinker. Being detail-oriented and perceptive, you rarely ever lose an argument. You might be an introvert and sometimes people might think that you are a different and unusual person, but you always welcome criticism.

You are analytical and self-aware and you are always looking for self-improvement. You are always there for your family and friends and you are a great listener and very good at giving advice. People love confiding in you as they know that you will always try to help them and give a good advice.

One thing, however, that you might lack is a little more ambition. By always trying to find and pursue the bigger and greater truths of life, you don’t like settling with one life goal or a single career.

Sometimes you don’t act like your own self because of fear of rejection or not being accepted by others. Let others think what they want or say what they want because you are a great person and a very smart individual. You have your circle of great and loyal friends, and if other people don’t like you or agree with you, that’s fine. There will always be people like that in our lives, and we have to learn to not let that affect us.

Try to decide on a definite goal in life that will help give you a direction.

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