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Face Mapping: The Location of The Acne Can Reveal Problem with These Organs


Face Mapping: The Location of The Acne Can Reveal Problem with These Organs

Who has not been traumatized by sudden pimples, rashes, and patchy skin?

Using multiple masks and creams do not seem to solve the problem. However, it can expose hidden health issues.

Face mapping is an ancient technique of linking the area of acne to the organ and treating it. Diet and lifestyle plays a huge role in skin breakouts. Here are the problem areas and reasons that ruin your skin:

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Cheeks – accumulation of bacteria, contact of dirty hands on skin, smoking.

T-zone – low blood circulation, caffeine overdose, unrestrained alcohol consumption, and stress.

Jaw, chin, or neckline – processed sugar overdose, hormonal imbalance, Candida infection, or starchy food intake.

Since now you know the reason behind the crazy acne, it is time to lead a balanced life and treat the breakouts.

However, some parts of your face are connected with a particular organ. This means acne can bring to forefront diseases you had no idea about.

The Area Between Your Eyebrows – Liver

Eating too much meat, smoking too many cigarettes or drinking too much alcohol can result in acne between the eyebrows. These unhealthy lifestyle choices damage your liver permanently. So eat lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly and be active, sleep at least seven hours a day and cut down on cigarettes or alcohol.

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Forehead – Bladder & Small Intestine

Love eating fatty and processed foods? Regularly binge eating foods with low fiber content? This can take a toll on your health. High level of stress and alcohol consumption too causes dehydration, poor digestion, and toxic buildup. The cure is to drink plenty of water – around 10 to 12 glasses every day, and avoid fatty food and alcohol. You can also try doing yoga to reduce stress.

Eyebrows and Eye Area – Kidneys

Dehydration and malnutrition are the primary reasons for breakout near the eyes and eyebrows. Excessive smoking, over-consumption of alcohol, weak heart, and poor circulation are the other leading causes. Keeping yourself hydrated with lots of water, along with avoiding alcohol and caffeine, will bring you clearer skin. It will improve the condition of your kidney too.

Cheeks – Lungs & Liver

Ever thought poor dental hygiene could result in acne? Brush and floss your teeth regularly, do not indulge in sugary foods and drinks. This will curb the acne attacks. According to ancient Chinese medical tradition, the left cheek is related to the liver and the right one to the lungs.

Upper Part of Your Cheeks – Lungs

The alarming rate of air pollution also results in acne. Do not add to it by smoking packets of cigarettes! Save yourself and the environment.

Nose – Heart

The nose is linked to the heart. Don’t believe it? Breakouts on the nose indicate high intake of salt. High blood pressure and problems of the heart are revealed through these acne. Increasing consumption of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, not having spicy foods, salt, and meat can improve condition. Regular exercise and physical activity have proved to be helpful.

Mouth & Chin – Stomach

Avoid all kinds of sugary and fatty foods and limit the alcohol intake if you have acne on your chin and mouth area. These skin areas are linked with the stomach. Increase the consumption of fermented foods to your daily diet.

Jaw and Neck – Hormones

Hormonal imbalance results in acne near the neck. The solution is to improve your diet by including fruits and vegetables. Reducing caffeine and salt intake also helps.

So the next time you see acne, do not treat it superficially but treat it as an alarming bell for bigger problems. Eat healthy and choose a better lifestyle, as prevention is better than cure.

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