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The Boy Who Went To The Jungle For 10 Months Without Food And Water

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The Boy Who Went To The Jungle For 10 Months Without Food And Water

We have all heard and know that humans can go about three weeks without food and 8 to 10 days without water. At least 60% of our bodies is made of water, and every living cell inside of our bodies needs water to function. Water acts as a lubricant for our joints, regulates our body temperature through sweating and respiration, and helps to flush waste.

Even though it is said that we can go without water for about a week to 10 days, it is said that in different conditions, such as heat, the estimated time would be shorter. We lose water when we sweat, go to the bathroom, and even when we exhale, which causes dehydration if you aren’t taking any water at all.

We are laying all these well known scientific facts right here because the story you are about to read will make you question the impossible and pretty much everything you’ve known by now.

This story is about a teenage boy from South-Central Nepal that meditated for 10 months without consuming water or food throughout the whole time. His name is Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also known as “Buddha Boy”.

You probably think there is no way and there must be something he did to keep him alive. Keep reading, it’s about to get really interesting!

One day, Buddha Boy decided to go up on a tree in Nepal and begin meditating. He said he would be meditating for 6 years. Because this sounded pretty intriguing and unbelievable, he received a ton of attention. He became an “attraction” pretty fast and had thousands of visitors at the location.

He quickly became a big story news and the media also had a field day with his story as he attracted journalists and film makers from all over the world.

Even Discovery Channel found out about this and quickly became interested in this story. The Discovery Channel film crew traveled to Nepal to determine if it was possible for a human to abstain from all forms of sustenance.

It became pretty interesting, and also confusing, that after studying this Buddha Boy for 4 days, this average human person was showing absolutely no signs of dehydration. In order to figure out if this was some kind of hoax or not, the crew decided to set up cameras and record what is happening, which wasn’t much since the boy did not move or did anything at all. He just kept on meditating while the cameras were filming everything for 96 hours. What they witnessed through their extensive filming was what some would call scientifically impossible. They discovered through the recordings that there were no hidden water pipes or any hidden ways for any kind of water or food intake.

A Discovery Channel film crew member said: “After 96 hours of filming, Ram has defied modern science by continuing his meditation and remaining alive.”

The Buddha Boy remained in a meditative state the whole time. There were no ways for anyone to go and medically study his well being and perform a check up, but clearly his organs and body remained for what seemed to be functioning normally. He showed no signs of dehydration or any physical deterioration.

After meditating for 10 months, one day the famous Buddha Boy simply disappeared. For some reason, many people believed he was kidnapped but later on it was determined that he decided to leave because of all the attention he was getting, so he went deeper into the Nepal jungle to continue his meditation for which he first said was planning to last for 6 years. The area where he first started his meditation became a tourist attraction and the Buddha Boy felt as it started disturbing his much needed peace for the said meditation.

Since then, he has appeared a few times to give speeches and talk with people who showed interest in his story. After each appearance, he goes back to continue with his meditation.

Many people believe that this boy is the reincarnation of the famous Buddha himself! Ram has denied this and has said that he has simply been enlightened like Buddha through his meditation.

This is not the first story of a person that has gone way longer than the well known periods of time without food or water intake.

Prahlad Jahni, the Indian yogi said that he went 70 years without food or water. His story has convinced doctors that he is a true miracle!

Being in a military hospital in India, many tests were performed on the 82 year old yogi and he has been closely monitored and kept under surveillance. The old yogi did not drink water, but he hydrated by keeping water in his mouth for several minutes. According to doctors, Jahn had a hole in the palate which is essential for hydration. He said that he was blessed by a goddess at a young age, which gave him special powers, while the doctors say: We still do not know how he survives. It is still a mystery what kind of phenomenon this is”.

A slightly different but similar story can also be seen when looking at an Indian man by the name of HRM who was observed in a medical hospital under strict observation for 411 days. During this time, he did not consume any food but he did drink boiled water. He said that he was feeding off of sunlight that he received while gazing at the sun during periods of zero UV ray emission.

In both cases, medical professionals and researchers were shocked by the results and were left with no explanation.

For anyone interested in the Buddha Boy story, the Discovery Channel film crew produced a documentary from the footage they collected that you can watch.

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