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8 Reasons Why The Omega Male Is Better Than The Alpha


8 Reasons Why The Omega Male Is Better Than The Alpha

All men don’t come in similar shades (and thank God for that). And while there are many who have the typical masculine adjectives of strong, domineering etc attached to them, there are other kinds of guys as well.

Here is a quick rundown of two broad categories in which we can divide men:

The Alpha

The leader of the pack; the strongest and the most domineering. He has all the typical male characteristics which were highly rewarded during the struggle for survival and he is the most competitive guy you’ll ever see.

The Omega

The Omega Male doesn’t feel the need to be the best in competition to validate his existence. He is happy to watch from the sidelines as the world goes about its business, but that doesn’t mean that he is not confident enough or capable enough to challenge an alpha, just that he’d rather not and is happy to live and let live.

Why the Omega Male is better

1. He likes spending time on his own. He doesn’t care about who is the most popular kid on the block. He likes to spend time on himself and thus is much better adjusted and matured in his dealings with his own feelings, as well as those of others.

2. He doesn’t get too hot and flustered too soon. He doesn’t look at every raised voice as a threat to his authority. He’d be much happier to talk things over a chilled beer than to get all riled up over something. Basically, he has got a lot more chill than an alpha.

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3. He is not afraid to show his gentle side. Unlike the alpha, whose fragile masculinity might come under threat if someone mentions a back rub, he’d be happy to spend the day with you cuddled on the couch and having pizzas while watching your favorite movie.

4. He is much less self centered than an alpha who is always under the pressure of proving himself. This means that he can actually care about others and so you’ll find him to be very kind and compassionate towards others.

5. And as the natural next step, he can also see when someone is in pain. He can feel what the other person is going through. He’d be able to keep himself in their show and understand their pain and help in any way he can.

6. As mentioned before, an Omega doesn’t care about popularity and having many people around him. He’d rather have deep and meaningful relationships with a handful of people he really trusts and admires.

7. An Omega man best functions when he is left to his own devices. He trusts his decisions over anyone else’s and he doesn’t care whether or not people are following his progress or not. He’d rather be his own master than work in a group.

8. For the alpha male, his ego is very important. It’s the very essence by which he defines his existence. And thus he’d do anything to boost it. The Omega man however doesn’t judge his worth on how many people think he’s awesome. He is content to do the work for its own sake, not for any high praise etc.

An Omega male doesn’t feel the need to blow his own trumpet everywhere he goes. He has no interest in being the center of attention and he’s fine with it. Alpha and Omega both have their unique rewarding features. It’s just that we, as a society, are a bit more focused on the former that we seldom give the latter a chance to prove themselves.

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