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Teen Boy Puts His Newborn Son up for Adoption, Years Later He Sees Familiar Face

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Teen Boy Puts His Newborn Son up for Adoption, Years Later He Sees Familiar Face

Daniel gave up his baby child when he was 17 years old because his parents told him to. After many years, he was coaching a little league team when a new player showed up. Daniel had to find out if he was his son because he looked a lot like Emily, his late lover.

“Josh, come on!” You need to really hit the bat. You’re strong!” Daniel yelled at the nine-year-old boy who was going to bat.


Daniel was 27 years old and coached the little league baseball team at the grade school where he used to go to school. As a child, he had no idea how much fun it would be to work with kids. This job just happened to come up, and it was better than being in a school all the time. He went to college and got a degree in education, but he quit teaching English to teens who didn’t care after a few years.

Daniel had been playing baseball for a long time, so a friend offered him the job. It was fate. He loved how everything fell into place just right. He had been doing it for a while and couldn’t think of anything else to do. It wasn’t easy, though. You had to keep telling the kids they could do it, which took a lot of patience.

Like that time with little Josh. His parents made him join the team even though he was shy and liked to read. Daniel could see that he was good, but he was afraid of getting hit. We hope Josh feels better soon and starts to enjoy life again.

Josh finally hit the ball, and it went farther than anyone on the team thought it would. The boy ran to first base and jumped around with joy. “Great job, Josh! That’s right!” Daniel yelled at the field and smiled and clapped at the boy.

I asked, “Coach Givens?” As she stood next to a boy Daniel had never met, Mrs. Finkle called his attention. “Hi, my name is Robert Marshall, and I new here. He asked to try out for the team after being moved at the start of the week.

“Great! ” Robert, it’s nice to meet you. First, let’s do these sets and see what you can do. “But don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll make the team without any trouble,” Daniel said with a smile, and Robert smiled back.

While Mrs. Finkle went back to her office, the boy sat down with some other kids. But Daniel’s frown at Robert in the bench was too long for a second. He thought the kid looked like someone he knew, but he couldn’t explain it. He gave a shrug and kept practicing.

Robert was very good at baseball, so he quickly made the team. The other boys laughed at almost everything he said because he was friendly. When the parents finally showed up, Daniel saw his new student run up to a woman and smile at her. She got on her knees, hugged him, and then got back up.

It finally made sense. Daniel remembered why he thought the kid knew him. He looked just like Emily, the girl he used to date. He told himself out loud, “But he can’t be, right?” He thought about it more and more, though, and it seemed more likely.

That was ten years ago. He got Emily pregnant. Of course, neither of them was ready to be parents at age 17. They were told by both of their parents that they could not have an abortion. Emily chose to have the baby, and she died while giving birth to their son.

Her parents were upset and wouldn’t do anything with their granddaughter. In times when things got too hard for Daniel, his parents told him to give him up for adoption. He felt torn, though. She died for this kid, and he loved her. He gave him up, how could he? He didn’t have any money, though, and his parents wouldn’t let him.

Daniel had to give up the baby because it looked like he had no other choice. Thought about him all the time, though, and felt bad about it. That may be why he loved being the coach of the little league team. They were about the same age.

But Robert might not be his child. That thought had to leave his mind right away, or he would go crazy. He didn’t think it was them because of a small similarity. The baby did not look at all like Daniel; it was white and had green or blue eyes. He was a whole Emily. Robert looked more like a man, and his eyes were bright green.

But Daniel couldn’t keep quiet after practicing every week for a month. So much of what the boy did at school was the same, and he was just as good at baseball. It was getting clearer that she looked a lot like Emily and even like him. He had to ask his mother at least.

Would it be okay if I spoke to Mrs. Marshall for a moment? Robert’s mom was sitting on the benches while the kids went to the showers after practice, and Daniel went up to her.

“Sorry, Coach Givens. My name is Nina. The woman stood up and gave him her full attention. “I’m not married,” she said.

“I made a mistake. “Listen, I know this sounds crazy and out of the blue, but is Robert really your son?” It made Daniel a little braver to ask Nina that question now that he knew she wasn’t married.

“Oh wow, hmm. That question has never been asked of me before. Robert and I look a lot alike, but no. He’s not really my child. He was adopted. He knows already. But why would you ask?” Nina replied, making a face at Daniel’s question. She didn’t seem upset, though.

When Daniel looked down, he said, “It’s just…well, I gave a child up for adoption when I was 17, and I’ve had this feeling it might be Robert.” Nina, though, shocked him.

“Put down. Please explain. What took place?” It was hers.

Daniel told her everything about the birth of his child and what happened after Emily died. He also told her that he had felt bad about making that choice for ten years. “I know I let him go, but I loved him.” I promise. I’ll be so happy that Robert turned out to be him if that’s true. “Well, I guess I need to be sure,” he said.

“Okay, fine. I’m sorry about your loss. The adoption service didn’t say much about his real parents, so you might be right about him. What will happen if we get a DNA test?” Nina asked in a serious way.

“There is nothing! I promise. I wouldn’t dare get in the way of your life.” Daniel tried to explain to Nina why he needed to know, “I just want that peace of mind that he is loved and has a family.”

“That’s fine. “Let’s do it,” she said with a vague smile.

The results showed that Robert was Daniel’s child, but he kept his word and didn’t get involved in their lives. Nina did, however, ask him and his baseball buddies to Robert’s birthday party that year. After that, she told them to be honest with the kid and see if he wanted to be with Daniel.

It’s Nina. Are you sure? Daniel asked.

“My son made the choice.” I need to be honest with him. He has to decide for himself if he wants to be with you. But I need to warn you. You have to give it your all. Nina warned, “I can’t let him get hurt.”

“Yes of course!” I swear!”

Nina told her son the truth. It took him a while to tell Daniel, but he finally did. His trust in him as a teacher was already there, so it was easy for him to become a father figure. But Daniel began to like Nina more as he spent more time with his son. Eventually, they became romantically involved.

Nina and Daniel told Robert they were getting married, and he was thrilled. After a long time, he finally had a dad like most of his friends. He was now getting a whole family.

What does this story teach us?

Don’t let other people tell you what to do. Daniel felt bad about having to give up his child because his folks made him. He had a chance to fix things, but you might not.

Tell the truth to your kids. Nina knew that her son should have a choice about whether or not to meet his dad. Some parents think it’s better to lie to or tell their kids things.

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