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Synchronicity Happens For A Reason — There Are No Accidents And No Coincidences


Synchronicity Happens For A Reason — There Are No Accidents And No Coincidences

If you have ever come across an old friend suddenly, after too long, or said something exactly as the other person in the given moment, you may lead yourself into believing that it is a coincidence. If you have experienced these and you think it’s random, it’s not.

These happenings have a meaning to them which is going to be exposed to you below. And it has a name to it, which is synchronicity.

The reality is, a lot in our life is connected – one thing from another. From the earlier period, to the current and upcoming events of our life, everything is a systematic progression that is related to each other. The universe is always trying to convey something to you through a small or big incident in your life. Happenings are all about synchronicity and this is how you can accept it.

If you are familiar with the saying “When the student is ready, the master appears”, you will understand a bit about what synchronicity is about.

Whenever you are harmonized with anything that you truthfully want, you will get that in due time. This is why people say ‘meet each other at the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ times’ in their life. As funny as it sounds, you can initiate this happening on your own.

You might be wondering how it is even possible. 

First you need to have faith in it that it is true.

So, first you need to stop believing in random events or coincidences. Let it surprise and overwhelm you. If you do not belief in it, you will send off a weak vibe spiritually to the world and therefore it is less bound to happen because you will not be looking for it. You must not see events as ordinary but rather connect with them at a spiritual level so you can sync with it to understand them.

Synchronicity is like a mere reflection of your current needs and the things you believe in. It is like your desires summarized for you by the universe and thrown suddenly at you. Therefore, if you have faith in this spiritual syncing, you will allow yourself to attach yourself intensely and send sturdy vibes on a spiritual altitude. Apart from this, it will leave you as a nicer, more confident and committed individual, better fit for meeting future goals in life. So basically, synchronicity is like creating harmony in every aspect of life and it requires you to be consciously aware in regards to the happenings that take place around you.

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Murphy’s Law is a good way to understand this theory and, if you believe in it, it is even better. It is commonly known to be true that if you set something wrong from the start, it will continue going wrong till the end. Therefore, you must keep in mind that synchronicity is not always in your favor. Therefore, you must allow yourself to go through bad things and you must know how to deal with negative energy when it grows inside you because of a particular event.

If you happen to bump into someone at a random place, you might think its mere luck or coincidence, but this incident is actually a chance meeting set by the universe at a spiritual level. There is meaning behind it and something or another is bound to come out of it.

Randomness is only an illusion; therefore you must adhere to the other possibilities of that event taking place. Everything from the moment we are born till our last days are interconnected. And we will never realize this or the course of actions set by the universe unless we put effort in understanding it.

To conclude, synchronicity is one of the unbelievable, yet a complete reality, in everyone’s lives – even those who choose not to believe in it cannot merely escape it.

You cannot make your own destiny and cancel out events as you see fit. You must accept this happening the way it is, to allow you to grow as a better person spiritually, even if you don’t understand it because the universal intelligence is way beyond our way of thinking.

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