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Straight Family Man Thinks That “Clothes Have No Gender,” Prefers To Wear Heels And Skirts

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Straight Family Man Thinks That “Clothes Have No Gender,” Prefers To Wear Heels And Skirts

German engineer Mark Bryan, age 61, isn’t averse to dispelling gender preconceptions.

Although high heels were first designed in the tenth century to give men more height and style, they are now almost exclusively associated with women.

Mark is just one of many contemporary men who are reclaiming the iconic shoe style for those who weren’t born female.

Mark Bryan, a 61-year-old robotics engineer with three children, divides his time mostly between his career and family.

Although the man’s appearance would not lead one to believe he had a social media following, his daring attire and photos have recently caused quite a stir online for the native German.

Through his Instagram uploads, Mark has gained nearly 660,000 followers.

He frequently wears skirts, boots, and pumps. Alongside his eclectic wardrobe, Mark shares his personal style narrative, emphasizing how typical his dressing habits are.

According to the engineer, clothing shouldn’t be gendered. He prefers skirts to dresses so that he can wear clothes that are more conventionally “masculine” above the waist.

To be fair, he thinks that skirts offer more diversity than the usual slacks or pants that most guys wear to work.

Mark’s efforts are supported by his kids, particularly since he instilled in them the belief that clothing does not reveal one’s gender or sexual orientation.

One of his greatest admirers is his daughter, who longs to be able to borrow part of her father’s wardrobe.

In a similar vein, his spouse encourages his decisions and even assists him in choosing clothes.

Of course, not everyone is that understanding.

Mark has encountered a range of disparaging remarks both in person and on the internet. He frequently has to remind people that if he were wearing more conventional pants, they would not be asking these questions or making these remarks.

Could you imagine yourself in Mark’s position?

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