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Spine-chilling Moment When A Skydiver Jumped From A Hot Air Balloon Without A Parachute

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Spine-chilling Moment When A Skydiver Jumped From A Hot Air Balloon Without A Parachute

Did someone ever said that you are adrenaline junkie or adrenaline addict?

The term “adrenaline junkie” was widely used in the movie “Point Break” in reference to people who want to indulge in dangerous activities for the adrenaline rush that come with it.

You don’t have to be a bank robber, skydiver (remember this one), or another obvious thing to challenge life and death situations; adrenaline junkies may come in much more subtle forms.

As a matter of fact, you can be adrenaline junkie in your day-to-day life and not even realize it. This can also contribute to stress in many ways. It can influence the people you spend time with, the way you manage your schedule, and even the way you approach a deadline.

When Antti Pendikainen Jumped Without A Parachute

A 25 year old lionhearted stuntman from Finland, Antti Pendikainen, took an incredibly brave challenge in southern Finland, 13,000ft (4,000 metres) above the ground.

The life or death stunt was done from a high altitude above the clouds and it took place right after Antti threw the parachute down in the clouds before jumping out shiftless from the hot air balloon.

On the way down he hopes to be hitchhiked by his friend in the mid air, or else he wouldn’t make it alive til he reach the ground.

Antti Pendikainen said: “I’ve always wanted to jump without a parachute, and now I’ve done it.”

“I go through the performance in my head before, so I know the trick is under control before I do it,” he continued.

“I spent a year training for the jump, so I was very prepared.”

Yep! He actually did it and it was both, brave and stupid thing to do, but at least he was prepared to touch the ground alive.

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Watch this incredible video bellow:

Antti Pendikainen – Hot Air Balloon Ride

Here we go! One of the best jumps I have ever done!Subscribe our new youtube channel! ( credits Lauri Aapro video & photography

Posted by Antti Pendikainen on Monday, November 23, 2015

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