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Son-in-Law Asked to Pay Full Bill by Mother-in-Law for Choosing a Large Steak

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Son-in-Law Asked to Pay Full Bill by Mother-in-Law for Choosing a Large Steak

A slim woman’s with ‘strong’ appetite was criticized by mother-in-law during a family meal because she was too skinny. The woman’s mother-in-law insisted that she pay the full amount, but she refused.

Metabolism, lifestyle, and overall health are three ways in which people vary from one another. Some people may naturally consume less than others, even though this is not always the case.

No one is immune to the judgments of others, no matter how big or little they are. Unfortunately, this was the nature of one woman’s connection with her mother-in-law.

It all went downhill once she started eating a lot more than she normally would when she was eating with her husband’s family.

Sustaining a Slim Body

An unidentified 27-year-old lady sought solace and support from her Reddit community after sharing her experience. She went on to say that her family had a history of strong metabolism.

She burns a lot of calories doing her job with horses, which also involves a lot of movement. But to recharge her batteries and get her work done, she typically eats large meals. Her form stays small even if she doesn’t do anything about it.

The woman kept quiet about her self-esteem issues related to her metabolism.

Her mother-in-law kept tabs on her food intake, though, as she admitted. She had known her husband for about six years before they tied the knot, and they had been married for four years. She has a less-than-ideal connection with her mother-in-law.

Dinner with the In-Laws

The woman’s in-laws extended a dinner invitation to her and her husband one night.

The woman was nearly famished by the time sunset rolled around.

Due to her hectic schedule, she went without snacks in between meals, eating her final meal at approximately six in the morning.

She normally sneaks a nibble before seeing her mother-in-law to silence her, but she was too busy this time. The woman purchased enough meat for two people since she was so hungry. Two additional sides, bacon, and prawns were also included.

It wasn’t the priciest thing on the menu, but it was plenty for two.

The woman had no qualms about placing the order because she and her husband were already planning to split the cost.

What Her Mother-In-Law Had to Say

“My MIL started making comments [about] how I shouldn’t be ordering what I can’t eat since even her husband wouldn’t be able to finish the dish, let alone someone my size,” the woman said. However, she just smiled and said she would take the leftovers home should there be any.

The woman devoured her meal in record time while she awaited dessert since she was so hungry. Angry, her mother-in-law then accused the woman of “putting on a show” for the sake of attention.

The mother-in-law asserted that her daughter-in-law was making other diners feel uneasy by eating so much for a woman of her size.

Because she was trying to cut back, she eventually made her son and daughter-in-law pay the full amount. A woman related the story:

“I said we are absolutely not covering the entire bill since it was meant to be split equally and reminded her of the dishes she ordered, that were significantly more expensive compared to my steak (including her starter).”

The woman’s husband took her side and tried to see things from her perspective, even though the dinner did not go according to plan.

The woman would receive comments on overeating and social media messages from his family that would subtly hint to her problem.

Many supportive commenters chimed in on the woman’s Reddit post.

Someone went so far as to wish that the lady would gaze into her mother-in-law’s eyes as she ate her final bite of steak.

At the same time, another Reddit member proposed separating the bill according to each person’s order would solve the problem.

“I wouldn’t go to dinner with someone who wants to police my food and wants me to order less food, so I’d get stuck subsidizing their expensive dishes,” the person said.

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