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She was dubbed ‘the most beautiful girl in the world,’ – This is what she looks like at 21

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She was dubbed ‘the most beautiful girl in the world,’ – This is what she looks like at 21

It’s hard to deny the fact that every child has it’s own beauty, but out of the blue some children posses unique qualities that catches our attention in an instant. One whose appearance stunned everyone around the world is a girl named Thylane.

Since the moment she was born she caught the attention of everyone that came across her. Her unique blue eyes and ‘sunny’ hair made modelling agencies ‘fight’ for her to sign a contract ever since she was a toddler.

For some women to get in the spotlight of the modeling agencies is hard work to say the least, but for Thylane, it came naturally.

At the age of 10, she was already dubbed as the most beautiful child in the world…. and for all the right reasons.

She was one of the lucky few with an opportunity to be in Vogue, as well as the cover of a number of ‘elite’ magazines.

For every parent to drag their kids for photoshoots, fashion shows and be in the spotlight at all times can be truly hard. People criticized her family as they believed a kid who is 10-years-old should live up their life as a kid, instead of living one like they are 30 years old. None of the criticisms affected her family’s opinion.

Thylane made her way in the industry, but then decided to try herself as an actress. As a matter of fact, many producers already wanted to work with her and give it a try.

After appearing in a movie, Thylane got back into the fashion and beauty industry once again.

The young child is now all grown up and recently she was spotted sunbathing with her boyfriend in a tropical paradise. Judging from the photos, it’s safe to say they are very much in love and enjoying their time together.

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