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She Spent Years Covering Her Face With Makeup, Now She Wants To Reveal Her True Face

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She Spent Years Covering Her Face With Makeup, Now She Wants To Reveal Her True Face

Carlotta Bertotti kept a secret for a long time, one she took care to hide behind makeup.

There was a blue-gray patch that covered half of her face and was a continual reminder of her perceived flaws.

However, as Carlotta’s journey progresses, it becomes clear that what she initially saw as a weakness has grown to become a vital aspect of who she is.

A struggle that began at a young age

The Nevus of Ota, which appears as a blue-gray patch, is a benign skin disorder.

Carlotta opened herself in an open discussion, sharing the difficult road she took to embrace who she is.

At eight years old, she began wearing cosmetics. She saw it as a matter of survival rather than a choice. Every morning, she dedicated two hours to applying makeup, which turned become her shield against the outside world.

Carlotta struggled in ways that went beyond appearances.

She was diagnosed with meningioma, a benign tumour that left her face paralysed and unstable, at the juvenile age of twelve.

Her struggle to survive plunged her into darkness, destroying her self-worth and confidence.

After being in a medically induced coma for two weeks, she recalls waking up in intensive care with her face paralysed. She remembered looking into the mirror and seeing a monster.

Her adolescent years and felt unwelcome

Carlotta experienced intense insecurities during her adolescent years, leading her to take drastic steps to emulate her friends.

She sought solace in quick fixes, such as customised contact lenses or complex makeup regimens, only to be faced with heartbreak and disappointment.

She acknowledged attempting everything to blend in. But regardless of what she accomplished, she continued to feel unloved and unaccepted.

A failed relationship that made her insecurities worse

Carlotta’s love engagements reflected her ingrained fears, as she was involved in a destructive relationship with a guy thirteen years her senior.

She grudgingly put up with constant betrayals and possessiveness in their suffocating love.

She did all in her power to fulfil his every want because she was desperate for approval and affirmation and thought that this was the only way to find true love.

Nevertheless, he constantly undermined her self-worth by critiquing even the most insignificant parts of her looks, refusing to acknowledge her value.

His harsh remarks reverberated in her head, setting off a terrible spiral of self-doubt and inadequacy.

She filled herself with a sense of unworthiness by internalising his adultery as a mirror of her own failings.

Until, at last, she discovered her voice

Still, in the middle of the gloom, hope flickered.

Carlotta made a crucial choice in 2018: to accept her flaws and tell her tale to the world.

Since then, she has developed a devoted social media following, enthralling viewers with her perseverance and sincerity.

Her road came to a head with the publication of her book “Incancellabile,” which serves as an example of the strength of acceptance and self-love.

Carlotta is still standing today, serving as an example to a great number of people who are struggling with their own issues related to identity and self-image.

She wants everyone to know that one day they will all realise they are worthy of love.

That moment when you realise things that had no significance at all were given too much weight.

Carlotta’s story serves as a reminder that real beauty is found in accepting our imperfections and appreciating our individuality rather than in perfection.

Her path is a tribute to the transformative power of self-love—a journey worth taking, one imperfection at a time—in a world obsessed by unreal standards and unachievable aspirations.

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