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Scientists Reveal Simple Exercises That’ll Make You Live Longer


Scientists Reveal Simple Exercises That’ll Make You Live Longer

Exercise is the bodily action that maintains our overall body’s fitness.

We all know the importance of exercise. It’s been taught to us in school, by our gym instructors and various TV commercials. Exercise is as important as eating healthy and getting proper sleep.

Exercise increases your body’s stamina and also helps in burning out the extra calories. It also helps your overall mental and physical well-being. It is responsible for uplifting your mood too. It not only helps in maintaining weight but also prevents your body to fight against a lot diseases. It also helps in escaping problems like blood pressure issues and obesity. It boosts your energy.

Over the years, scientists did their research and have claimed that exercises can make you live longer.

Not everyone can benefit by doing the same kind of exercise. As motives differ, the set of exercises and the intensity also differs. But in order to find out which kind of exercise is best suiting your motive, you first need to test your body’s age. Only then can you find out what kind of exercise your body needs.

Today we bring to you a test by which you can find out about your body’s age and learn about various useful exercises. To know what these are, continue reading.

To test your body’s age:

It is really easy. Just keep your legs and back straight. Slowly go down and try to touch your toes. Remember to keep your posture sharp. Now stand straight again. And relax your body.


1. 20-25 years

You will be able to touch the floor with your flat palms and your body is relaxed yet. It faces no tugging or pulling.

2. 25-38 years

You are able to touch the floor with the tip of your fingers and your knees are slightly bent.  However, there is no strong sense of discomfort.

3. 38-50

Your knees are quite bent and you are able to touch the upper part of your feet. You can feel pain at the inner part of your legs.

4. More than 50

You are unable to completely bend and have a desperate desire you get back up right away.

Now that you are done finding your body’s age, it’s time to work on it to increase its efficiency.

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How to improve:

It’s ok if you aren’t satisfied with your result. You can always change by constant practice. Just bend down around 30 times a day and you will get the best results in almost a month. Don’t force your body all at once. You might face major injuries for doing so. Instead, go slowly but steadily. Push your body a little more each day. Start off the first few days by trying to touch the upper part of your feet. On accomplishing that, move towards touching your toes by the tip of your fingers. Once you get there, it only is a matter of couple of days and a little more effort and you will be able to keep your palm flat on the ground.


To release muscle tension:

Static gymnastic is the answer to this. It is very easy. It also helps enriching your body with oxygen. This exercise is also responsible for giving a little ‘massage’ to your internal organs which otherwise get manipulated by constant toxic substances found on food and air.

Ps. Don’t overdo it and see a doctor if you start experiencing pain!


– inhale a deep breath

– hold for a while

– exhale completely

– relax for a while

– Repeat

Yes! It’s that easy! Try it today to keep your body in perfect shape and feel happy from within naturally.

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