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Science Explains Why Weak Men Can’t Love An Alpha Female

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Science Explains Why Weak Men Can’t Love An Alpha Female

Are you the kind of woman who knows when it’s constructive criticism and when its manipulation? Are you the type who doesn’t care about other’s opinions because you believe in yourself? Upon introduction, do people tell you that you are intimidating or deep?

Well, you very well might be an alpha – strong, resilient, confident, prudent and ambitious woman. Nothing like the usual women out there.

Science has revealed that alpha females invoke what is now being called the “winning effect” centered in the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex.

A neuroscientist at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, Professor Hailan Hu, conducted a study in this regard. He concluded: “By activating the dmPFC region of the brain, low-ranking mice were immediately emboldened. It’s not aggressiveness per se. It increases their perseverance, motivational drive, and grit.” Don’t they sound like the traits of an alpha female? It sure explains why these women seem intimidating to others.

The brain is a beautifully complex circuit of neurons that we have to balance every other day. These alpha females, they carve their own positive neural pathways by sheer habit and focus on top of balancing their life and pinpointing their winning neuronal circuits. How amazing is that?!

They aren’t an easy creature. What fun would it be to know them if they were easy? It’s not like they won’t allow a sneak peek into their personal lives. If they let you in, you are in for all. Her loyalty is beyond doubts. It is one of the reasons why you would love an alpha female. Here are the others:

Life is exciting with an alpha female because they don’t play by the rules

Rules? What rules? They surely aren’t dictated by anyone other than themselves. They make their own rules. In a society where it is made clear that outliers aren’t welcomed, an alpha woman doesn’t fail to establish her own place in society.

She doesn’t care if she has to be a loner. All she cares about is making her own way through the world. They choose to reject the status quo.

Even though most alpha research has been around the dominant traits of monkeys and wolves, humans are a more complex beings. Alphas aren’t narcissistic but they do employ more power and dominance.

Here are the 6 traits an alpha possesses, making her unbelievably hard to ignore:

– Assertiveness, Dominant, Natural leadership skills, Protective instinct, Courageous and Curious!

It’s just how she was born and it makes her proud

There has been a myth about the alpha females: they experience a phenomenon called “positive estrogen loop.” Psychology professors, Steven Stanton and Oliver Shultheiss. from the University of Michigan. recently proved that high levels of estrogen really do account for a cycle of winning and competitiveness.

Do you know how an Alpha is naturally resilient? Well, these high estrogen levels in alpha females may be a facilitator for power acquisition.

It’s more like a loop because alphas are motivated to win. When they win, estrogen reaches heights creating a positive high. It increases the desire to win and the cycle continues. Where the search for power and recognition can be addictive, an alpha female knows how to have a healthy balance. They find this coping mechanism naturally. Alphas are innately high!

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She may have gone through terrible times but they don’t define her

Most alphas are loners. They appreciate the alone time for some self-reflection, especially during the time of adversities. When life throws lemons at her, she catches them but doesn’t fall prey to them. Hardships do not contain her.

An alpha is naturally positive, eloquent, charming, and determined, and these traits emerge at an early age. These might attract some uncalled abuse or rejection from society. The tough times an alpha faces do not put her down. She is capable of recognizing negative patterns from emotional or physical trauma and working to tame her own demons using healthy options. Adversities do not break her.

Love the whole package!

It is proven by science that Alpha traits have been here for centuries. They are inborn and animalistic. Alphas embrace their complexities. They don’t have to try to become an alpha because they are born alphas! Their hyper-ambitious drive is built into their DNA.

Alphas are incredible beings. When they love, it’s hard and wholesome. When they trust, they trust completely. When they make a promise, they will do anything to honor it. When you need them, they will walk an extra mile for you. They are fierce, loving, confident and extraordinary women that everyone needs!

9 Ways You Can Tell Who is Alpha by Vanessa Van Edwards :

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