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Science Confirms: The Full Moon Does Affect You and Your Health!


Science Confirms: The Full Moon Does Affect You and Your Health!

The Moon and the lunar cycle have been associated with insanity since forever.

Before there were Shakespeare’s jesters making fun of people because the Moon seem to have affected them. Then came the modern legends of the werewolf.

Moon was considered powerful enough, not just to control the sway of the tides (very powerful feat indeed), but to turn normal humans into feral beings thirsty for blood of the others. Even though Twilight tried to throw off the moon-werewolf thing off the track, but this legend seems to survive. And apparently now, it is proven by science that a Full Moon has a significant and visible effect, not just on our health, but apparently on our intelligence as well.

Taking up the latter case first, statistics were pooled for emergency room data for the time around the Full Moon.

Guess what? The numbers showed a significant increase in road rage cases, drivers who were rash or impatient and the likes. A survey of those in public relations proved that people were a lot more difficult to handle during the Full Moon with tempers running high and tolerance at an all time low.

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Ever since knowing about these results, I have been trying to keep an eye out myself during the Full Moon, and I have observed that stupidity is so much more intense and widespread during the Full Moon that even I have started believing that it is Lady Phoebe’s doing.

A research was conducted which recorded the changes in hormones in the bodies of humans, as well as animals, during the course of many lunar cycles. It was found that there is a direct correlation between the phase of the Moon and the levels of corticosterone and melatonin in our bodies. These hormones have an effect on the reproductive system. Another change was observed in the levels of neurohormones in the brain.

Also, unthoughtful decisions on the road are not the only cause for hospital visits during the Full Moon. Problems related to cardiovascular system and cases of acute coronary problems, combined with urine retention, variceal hemorrhage and diarrhea were found to be common causes as well. On a slightly sinister note, the phase of the Moon also might have some effect on people’s criminal, as well as suicidal tendencies.

So, all the old women’s tales about lunar diseases and more don’t seem so far fetched now, right?

One final nail in the coffin comes from a slightly lesser known fact which might disturb quite a few people.

Doctors say that we are harboring parasites on our bodies. Now, there is no need to check your body for ticks and fleas and then angrily declare that this article is nuts.

Our parasites are not the common garden variety ones which mostly affect canines. The parasites which plague us live inside our body, mostly in the kidneys and such regions.

Now you might be wondering what does parasites have to do with the Moon and how does that connection even work. Well our bodies are made of water. Water as we know gets pushed and pulled by the Moon. The water in our bodies too gets affected by the Full Moon. This caused quite a stir in the parasites and they seem to go overboard with things such as bloating and gas, diarrhea and constipation, sleep disturbances and fatigue etc. When it comes to sleep problems, it has in fact been found that people sleep better during the New Moon when compared to the Full Moon, which is usually full of tossing and turning the whole night.

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