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Riley Strain’s Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed Three Months Later

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Riley Strain’s Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed Three Months Later

A TMZ-obtained autopsy report confirms Riley Strain’s cause of death.

The 22-year-old college student drowned and became intoxicated with ethanol, according to the report. His death was reported to have been an accident.

Three months have passed since Strain’s mother revealed her son’s last text message.

In early March, Strain, a senior at the University of Missouri, made headlines when he vanished while visiting downtown Nashville with his fraternity brothers.

Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink requested Strain to leave the night he vanished. After leaving the bar, the people he was with did not see him again, but he was seen on security cameras—including the body camera of a police officer—many more times before he vanished.

The next day, one of Strain’s pals reported him missing to the authorities.

It was not until March 22, two weeks after Strain was last seen, that authorities got a report of a body in the Cumberland River, despite their initial search for the missing college student.

The identity of Riley Strain’s body was verified by officials. He was discovered eight kilometers from his last known location.

According to the Tennessee Chief Medical Examiner’s records, Strain’s blood alcohol content was.228 and he had Delta 9 in his system.

There were no discernible symptoms of trauma, according to the autopsy.

I recall being quite optimistic that Riley Strain would be discovered alive when I first learned about him. His life had to end in such a horrible way. I still pray for his family every day.

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