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Rebounder Workout for Beginners – 15 minute At-Home Exercise

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Rebounder Workout for Beginners – 15 minute At-Home Exercise

So, you’ve bought yourself a brand-spanking new workout trampoline (or you’ve suddenly got the urge to get healthy by bouncing your way into it, we get it) but you have no idea where to start?

While the internet is full of rebounder workout tutorials and the AI could easily write you a few, the sheer vastness of options may be daunting. Here are the 5 easy exercises to add to your first 15 minute beginner rebounder workout routine:

  1. Basic Jump
  2. High Knees
  3. Twists
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Squats

Sounds familiar? Thought so. But, before we rush into rebounding, let’s take a minute (or two) to get the muscles and body warm and ready for jumping.

Warm-Up Tips for a Trampoline Workout

A short and simple warm-up is all you need for this trampoline exercise routine:

  • Start with dynamic stretches. Do a few lunges, swing your legs (and use that handlebar for balance), roll your shoulders and do some butt-kicks.
  • Continue with a few squats. Jumping on a trampoline is basically squatting, so it only makes sense to do a few of them before starting the rebounding workout routine.
  • Finish up with some light jogging. Finally, get your heart rate up by jogging around your living room, bedroom or wherever you happen to be working out.

1. Basic jump

Let’s start with the basics – quite literally. The basic jump is the most simple yet effective rebounder workout exercise suitable for beginners. All rebounding exercises are somewhat based on it, so there’s no point to advance to any other jumps before you feel comfortable with simply going up and down. Practice jumping up and down for a solid 5-10 minutes and get used to the bounce. Keep your core tight and bring your hand to the handlebar if you feel unstable.

2. High knees

Okay, time for the next move. Lower your hips a bit and lean your upper body a bit forward. Place your arms in a 90 degree angle and aim to kick high enough to touch the hand with your knees. First left, then right. You can also use the handlebar for this rebounder workout exercise and simply get your knees high, if you feel unbalanced or find yourself swaying from side to side too much.

3. Twists

Let’s twist (again)! This time, on a rebounder. This is a fun exercise that many advanced rebounding enthusiasts love. Put your feet together and start from one side, let’s say left. Then, jump to the right side while keeping your feet close together. Sway your hips slightly to the direction of the jump while making sure your core is stable (as it should be). Twist your hands to the opposite side of the legs.

4. Jumping Jacks

This one’s a no-brainer – or is it? Jumping jacks are the most basic at-home exercise to do. Yet, the rebounder gives an added challenge to it. These jumps require arm and foot coordination. Start slowly and keep the bounce low at first. Once you get comfortable, start jumping higher. This will get your heart rate up in no time!

5. Squats

It’s the final countd… we mean, move! It’s time to wrap-up this rebounding workout with some squats. Place your feet to the sides of the trampoline mat and squat. Note! No bouncing here, just a simple squat. You’ll notice that the bouncy platform gives you an extra challenge once again. If you have a handlebar, you could lean into it for more support. Keep your core tight – you’ll surely feel each and every leg muscle in this exercise!

Trampoline Workout Cool-Down

Phew, well, that was a workout! In just 15 minutes, you’ve had an effective at-home trampoline workout that:

  • Got your heart pumping
  • Improved your balance and coordination
  • Challenged your core and leg muscles
  • Strengthened your pelvic floor
  • Made you smile 🙂

Now, cooling down from a rebounding workout session doesn’t have to be long and boring. Do a few stretches (cat and cow poses on the rebounder are great), walk on the trampoline (no jumping!) and finally, give yourself some time to just sit on it and meditate a moment. You got this!

Save these tips for your next rebounding workout sesh. Suitable trampolines for this beginner rebounder workout can be found at ACON trampolines.

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