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Reading A Status By A Mom Broke My Heart


Reading A Status By A Mom Broke My Heart

The word “Mother” resonates with unconditional love and care that sets the pillars for every child.

The reason why she exists is endless and without mothers this world would cease to exist. The connection from a mother and her child seems to begin before the child is born. If we get in details how important it is to be a mother we will have to write for thousands of years, but we will name just a few.

“Mother, ma, amma” is the first word that usually comes out from the baby’s mouth. A mother teaches her child everything she knows, from walking to talking to being disciplined and caring. She also tries to send him off to a better path in life.

Every life is filled with experiences that are not so good. A child is destined to experience these shifts and changes in order to grow, but a mother is always right next to him to comfort him every step of the way. With her love, care, kindness and comfort she’s making sure that her child’s life is going to end up OK. Whether facing tough exams, competitions, championships, or the hardships of life, children always seek guidance and support from their mothers.

A mother shared a status update on her Facebook, and at the beginning, she made all the mistakes a mother could make. She isn’t proud about it, but the ending made me cry…

Credit: Shay Walters

“This is my son.

At about a year old I overdosed with him in my bed. Well, it was just a mattress on my living room floor.”

At 2 he had to come visit me in jail. He beat against the glass screaming and crying for his mommy. He started biting his nails after that.

At 3 he witnessed me get hit in the head with a brick, and my head split open. He rode with me in the ambulance. It scared him really bad.

At 4 he was in a car wreck with me, one of my many DUIS.

At 5 my mother had to raise him most of the time. I barely even came home.

At 6 I lost full custody, and I went to prison.

He is 12 today. He lives with me. He attends a private Christian school. He is on the honor roll. He gets prayed with every night and his mommy is there to wake him up for school every morning. I celebrate all of his accomplishments with him, and he celebrates every sober birthday with me. I tell him how much I love him everyday. He’s so kind to the broken because we were once broken. He’s truly so special.

Thank you God for allowing me to be a mother to this sweet boy every day.

It’s the sweetest gift of my sobriety.”

Credit: Shay Walters

Please, keep your children. You are the shining light for them, the guidance they must have. Love them, care for them, because everything comes to an end, and while it lasts, we should make it worthwile.

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