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A Guy Used A.I. To Show How Princess Di Would Look Like If She Was 61 Years Old

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A Guy Used A.I. To Show How Princess Di Would Look Like If She Was 61 Years Old

A guy decided to use A.I. and editing skills to see what Princess Diana would look like if she was 61 years old today, and in the video below he made her 71 years old. The results are stunning, to say the least!

Throughout her life, she was a devoted mother to her sons, Harry and William, and a lifelong advocate for children, AIDS-related causes, and victims of landmines. Known as the People’s Princess because of her nurturing and compassionate soul, Lady Di will forever be remembered as the woman who modernized the Monarchy.

Princess Diana June 17, 1997. American red cross. Washington DC.
Image source: John Mathew Smith/Wikimedia

Lady Diana Spencer died in a tragic car accident on August 31, 1997. She was married to the son of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles Windor, the heir of the British throne. Her sudden death shocked everyone, not just the people in Britain, but worldwide too. She was that much loved.

Image source: Joe Haupt/Flickr

For young Britons, Diana was seen as a youthful, modernized injection into the stuffy regimen of the royals. People describe as a complete state of shock for the country after her tragic death, as she was a national treasure to all.

Image Source: Joe Haupt/Flickr

The picture below portrays Princess Diana being 61 years old.

Image source: Hidreley/Instagram

But this video, a famous interview of Princess Di, portrays her being 71 years old. She would look beautiful..

Video source: Hidreley/Instagram

We would all love to see Princess Di alive today, but sadly that’s not possible.

However, an artist used his skills to show us a glimpse of how would that look like if things were different.

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