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Photographer Gives Birth To Twins, One Black And One White – But Wait Till You See These Beautiful Twins Today

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Photographer Gives Birth To Twins, One Black And One White – But Wait Till You See These Beautiful Twins Today

Every newborn infant is lovely in their own special way. It makes no difference what ethnicity, religion, or color they are, nor does it matter who their parents are or what they may have accomplished in life.

However, certain infants stand out and are truly exceptional. These twins, who are very unique, belong to Canadian-Nigerian photographer Judith Nwokocha.

Kamis, Judith’s son, inherited her dark skin, hair, and eyes. While Kachi, his identical sister, is albino.

“I remember going for my first scan when they told me ‘you are having a baby’ and I said ‘ no , I’m having two’, I knew, without a doubt,” Judith explains.

“The second scan revealed we’re having twins- I was told the twins might have Down Syndrome.

“At 7 weeks Kachi was always behind, was very small, she stopped growing, I remember the doctors telling me she might not make it-I’m so grateful she did.

“She didn’t cry initially so I was thinking what’s going to happen, how is she going to be?

“I was shocked- I thought they had handed me somebody else’s baby, I didn’t believe she was mine.”

After the prior shock, Judith admitted: “I was just glad she was perfect- both were healthy and they just made me be stressed for nothing.

“Other than the fact that she is different colour, she looks exactly like me.”

Indeed, Kachi is a lovely little girl, with exception of her sensitive skin and poor eyesight. She may draw attention when walking down the street, but Judith doesn’t let that worry her.

She continued: “It took me a while to realise I’m going to be raising an albino- I was really concerned about what people were going to say, it’s not a very usual thing to have an albino and a black baby.

“I was also sad, I was worried about how she is going to go through society, how people are going to treat her.”

The twins enjoy a close brother-sister bond, according to Judith, and their mother doesn’t believe anything has changed for them.

To me, Judith’s twins are quite perfect. They are lucky to have one another!

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