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Pamela Anderson Is 55 Years Old And Confirms What We’ve All Suspect

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Pamela Anderson Is 55 Years Old And Confirms What We’ve All Suspect

Even as they get older, women often feel a lot of pressure to “look” young.

And when it comes to women in Hollywood, that pressure is significantly increased.

In a similar vein, Pamela Anderson has undergone surgeries to seem younger.

However, the actress has had enough and wants to watch her own aging process.

Pamela Anderson was arguably one of the most well-liked ladies on the planet in the 1990s.

Every time she left her house, throngs of paparazzi followed her, and she was well-known to her supporters everywhere.

However, the 55-year-old Baywatch actress and former model wants people to recognize her for more than just her good looks.

She wants everyone to be aware of her other talents as a dancer, activist, and writer.

The former Playboy Bunny said she never considered herself to be particularly beautiful. She stated, “I never felt like a great beauty, never,” in her most recent Netflix documentary. “I just felt like I had something fun.”

You would anticipate that, as a former model, she would be fixated on the idea of preserving her beauty and youth.

The ‘Baywatch’ star claims, though, that she would like to do anything else.

She has decided against having any cosmetic treatments done and wants everyone to know that she is genuinely looking forward to seeing how she appears as she ages.

She is eager to see how she will appear when she begins to “look old,” thus for this precise reason she does not want to choose cosmetic operations.

“I can’t wait to see myself old. I always said that I would recognize myself when she looked at me in the mirror. I want my hair to be naturally gray, not to wear makeup. I mean, that’s my comfort state,” Pamela said in an interview.

She is familiar with several of her colleagues who have undergone surgery to remove wrinkles or other aging indications. She says, “Many women who were classic beauty icons have struggled with aging. I don’t think it’s difficult for me and I don’t want to fall for it. I don’t want to do all these crazy things to myself.”

She did give in and have a breast augmentation treatment when she was younger, but she later had the implants removed. She regretted having the procedure.

She now fervently desires to forgo surgery so that as she ages, she “won’t recognize herself.”

The former model and actress bares her soul in her new Netflix documentary, “Pamela, a love story,” to prove to the public that she has always been much more than just a lovely face.

She has also dropped all pretense at this point and just wants to be accepted for who she is.

Pamela Anderson still has a gorgeous appearance at this age without cosmetics or cosmetic procedures!

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