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Once A Worldwide Famous Star, Now She Disappeared Due To Heart-Wrenching Illnesses

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Once A Worldwide Famous Star, Now She Disappeared Due To Heart-Wrenching Illnesses

She was the star back in 2000 with the worldwide famous hits like I’m Outta Love and Sick and Tired. Now she disappeared due to heart-wrenching illnesses.

Anastacia, now 53, reveals the reason why she had ups and downs on the screens and behind the microphone. She’s been battling illnesses including Crohn’s disease, a heart condition and two bouts of breast cancer.

‘That’s probably been my biggest problem – when I’m really ready and raring to go, another disease comes,’ Anastacia told News Corp, a day after she was crowned the winner of The Masked Singer Australia.

‘It’s been tough to be able to keep the motion and momentum going,’ the pop star added.  

‘I don’t know that I want to put tons of music out for it to never get listened to,’ she confessed.

Anastacia hopes to release chart-topping singles and avoid the pressure of having to do an entire album, given her condition.

The Sick And Tired worldwide famous singer was diagnosed at 13 with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that can cause severe chronic symptoms that never go away. 

She was also diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, and later on with supraventricular tachycardia – a heart condition with causes varied and rapid heartbeats.

That’s not all. In 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer again, and decided to undergo an immediate double mastectomy which is a surgical operation to remove the breasts.

On The Masked Singer finale, Anastacia told the guessing panel that she was battling to find work in America due to the pandemic effectively shutting down the whole entertainment industry.

‘The industry is completely frozen. And that is just what our reality is as performers,’ she said, growing emotional.  

‘We have no stages to go on, we can’t have crowds, and I understand that because I want to keep people safe, but I miss doing my job and I really, really miss singing.

‘And so this was such a beautiful, like, get out of jail free card. I don’t know when I’m gonna be able to tour. I’m hopeful, but I might be 75 by the time I get on the stage.’

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