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Newborn Baby’s Heart Stops, Mother Sees Jesus In The Room Just Before A Miracle

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Newborn Baby’s Heart Stops, Mother Sees Jesus In The Room Just Before A Miracle

Miracles do happen. We have so many things that happen that scientists and doctors are unable to explain that it’s self-righteous to disregard true stories and evidence of it. Hayley Oliveri and Nathaniel witnessed such miracle when baby girl Gabriella was born.

“When Hayley was in labor, the nurses kept commenting on how peaceful we were — they weren’t used to that. And then I would pray for her, and they definitely weren’t used to that,” Nathaniel added.

When baby girl Gabriella was born, her parents were overjoyed with happiness to see her for the first time, but 30 minutes later, doctors feared for her life when she had breathing problems and put her on an oxygen support.

Her condition began to get worse. They were trying to find her tiny veins but they failed to do so. Doctors sedated her and intubated her to maintain the necessary oxygen level to keep her alive, but soon after the intubation, Gabriella’s heart stopped.

Instead of running wild in panic and fear, the young parents went in the next room and started praying while the doctors gave her CPR.

Their midwife Amy Plowman prayed along with them. It was then that Hayley had a vision of Jesus walking into the room and putting His hand on baby Gabriella.

Their answers were answered. Gabriella’s heart started beating again after four minutes of no pulse.

The miraculous recovery of baby Gabriella stunned everyone including the medical experts.

Call it God, call it angels or spirits, but there are miraculous things happening all around the world that science has not been able to explain just yet.

Watch the video bellow:

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