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My Sister Invited Me To An Expensive Restaurant, But Vanished When It Was Time To Pay The Bills

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My Sister Invited Me To An Expensive Restaurant, But Vanished When It Was Time To Pay The Bills

A woman was thrilled when her sister, who had moved nearby, asked her to join her for dinner. She was shocked, though, when she didn’t show up when it was time to pay the bill.

Someone on Reddit who goes by the name Wild-Eggplant1780 was happy that her sister was moving closer. She could not wait to make new memories and spend more time with him.

The sister moved to a nearby town. There was a shopping area with lots of fun stores and restaurants close by. The Redditor and her husband even loved going to a fancy restaurant.

They didn’t go to the restaurant very often because it was on the pricey side and dinner would cost them between $200 and $250. When her sister asked them to go to dinner, though, she suggested they go to the fancy restaurant.

She knew the restaurant was expensive, so she told her sister to look at the menu first to make sure she was okay with the prices. She also told her sister that there were lots of other great places to eat that were cheaper.

The sister, on the other hand, insisted she had to try the place. The Reddit user was excited to go again because she and her husband hadn’t eaten there in a while. The family had a great dinner together because her sister brought her boyfriend.

The sister excused herself from the meal to go to the bathroom. It took her so long that her boyfriend came over to see how she was doing. As time went on, the guy also never came back.

When the Redditor and her husband went to check on them, they saw that they had already left. She texted and called her sister, who finally sent her a message that said, “Thanks for dinner; it was just as amazing as you said it would be.”

Again, she and her husband didn’t understand. The woman texted her sister again and asked her why she left her with the bill when she had never agreed to pay for everyone. The sister did not answer, though.

Taking Action

An individual on Reddit told her sister that she would pay for her and her husband’s share and let the restaurant take legal action if she didn’t pay her bill in 30 minutes.

After thirty minutes, the woman did what she said she would do. She told the restaurant about her sister and paid for her and her husband. The sister didn’t think the woman would really not pay her bill, so the next day she got mad and called her to say that the restaurant was calling her to ask for payment for her share of the food.

The Reddit user didn’t feel bad about what they did. She stated, “I’m not surprised since she skipped out on her bill.” Her sister, on the other hand, said that she usually paid for their meals. She also said:

“She then said she thought I’d just pay, but when I asked the waiter for separate checks, she realized I wasn’t and left for the bathroom, planning to ditch.”

The woman, however, said that she had paid for dinners that added up to no more than $60, not a $450 dinner for four people. Besides that, she told her sister that she had asked her if she was sure about the place because it was so expensive. Besides that, she never agreed to pay.

That’s why the woman told her sister to go to the restaurant and pay her bill before they called the cops. But the sister said no and asked Redditor to pay because she didn’t want to be embarrassed.

The woman told her sister to pay for the food because she wasn’t going to pay for it herself. Things got worse, and the family got involved. Within a short time, the Redditor was forced to pay the bill.

Other Reddit users were asked if she would be wrong to not pay the bill and let the restaurant call the cops on her. She still felt bad and angry about how her sibling handled the situation.

Commenter’s Reaction

byu/Wild-Eggplant1780 from discussion

A lot of people who commented agreed with how the Redditor handled the problem. People told her she was strong for not giving in and paying for her sister and her boyfriend. People on the Internet said the sister was “scammy” to think that she would pay for their expensive meals.

byu/Wild-Eggplant1780 from discussion

Some people also said that when people go out to eat, the price is usually split between everyone unless someone offers to pay. People also said that the Redditor should have assumed that her bill would be paid since her sister had asked her to dinner.

Someone else who was angry asked how old the sister was and said that they would expect a 16-year-old to act that way. They also said that they probably wouldn’t go out to eat with them or even see them for a long time.

The woman said that both she and her sister were thirty years old. She said her sister always talked about how much money she made. The Redditor said she saved money more than she spent it, and she sometimes felt like a “piggy bank and not a sister.”

She told him that she was thinking about getting a new car too because she remembered when her sister’s boyfriend had just bought one. “You make xxx; you can definitely afford that car,” her sister said. This made her feel like her sister only saw her as a money-making machine and not as a sister. Do you think the person on Reddit was right to not pay the bill and let the restaurant call the cops on her?

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