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My 600lb Life Star Reveals Stunning Weight Loss After Suffering From Flesh-Eating Bacteria

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My 600lb Life Star Reveals Stunning Weight Loss After Suffering From Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Charity Pierce, who initially appeared on My 600lb Life at a weight of over 57 stone, now appears totally different.

After losing over 28 stone (400 lbs), Charity Pierce looks radically different and has made a major change in her life.

The star of My 600lb Life was ill with flesh-eating germs and weighed over 57 stone (nearly 800lbs) when she initially made an appearance on the TLC show.

In one episode, 47-year-old Charity said that she would “rather die than live this way” since she was depressed and unable to do daily duties without her family’s assistance.

The television star lost over 400 pounds, or 29 stone, with the assistance of Dr. Nowzaradan and gastric bypass surgery.

Surgeons excised a 20-pound tumor and trimmed extra skin as part of Charity’s remarkable makeover.

Charity kept on with her health journey after her time on My 600lb Life ended.

Eight stone (113 pounds) was the additional weight she lost as she continued to shed pounds.

In March of 2020, Charity received the devastating news that she had kidney cancer. Things haven’t always been easy for Charity.

Posting on Facebook, she said: “I found out at Christmas time that I have kidney cancer. It devastated me [because] my mom passed away from brain cancer.

“The next step was to get my kidney removed as soon as possible before it had a chance to spread to other organs in my body. So on March 2 my kidney was removed.”

Charity added: “Now I’m at home trying to heal. I just hope the future has something good in store.”

Charly, who battled obesity herself and lost over six stone, provided an update on her mom later that year.

She assured everyone that her mom is “doing great now” despite all of her “struggles”.

Since welcoming a grandchild into her family, Charity has taken to sharing updates about her life on TikTok.

Charity made light of her “put on baby duty” situation while wearing a black sweatshirt and a vibrant purple top in one video.

As she grinned for the camera, her face appeared totally different after her dramatic weight loss.

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Over the top of the clip, the star wrote: “When you wanna take a shower… But you get put on baby duty.”

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