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Mother-In-Law Wants To Get Paid For Babysitting Grandchild

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Mother-In-Law Wants To Get Paid For Babysitting Grandchild

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and in need of help when you become a parent for the first time.

Having a child in your twenties or thirties can be challenging because you’re likely trying to create a career and keep things as they are.

Our parents, the new baby’s grandparents, are a constant source of assistance for us.

They will pitch in to help, and in some cases, they may become a permanent fixture in the household.

While many individuals put their faith in it, not all families share the same views on its importance.

This family is no exception, and things turned nasty when the in-laws’ mother demanded payment for watching the youngster.

“I’ve run into a sticky situation. We’ve been married for ten wonderful years now.

Our beautiful baby is now six months old, and we’re both keeping full-time jobs. My husband is a home-based worker, and I work at the office.

Recently, my mother-in-law retired, and she offered to take care of our infant while we work. We accepted her offer, and it’s been working out well.

She does great work with children, and I am grateful for her efforts.

She takes care of the infant and helps out around the house by doing things like cooking, cleaning, and washing the dishes.

My in-law mother and I had a talk yesterday that just floored me.

In fact, she requested compensation from us in exchange for caring for our beloved Katie.

I can’t believe she valued her time with her own grandchild at anything less than free.

My grandmother babysat my sister and me for many years when we were little, and she never once asked for payment of any kind. For her love of us, she did this.

When I was younger, I also babysat my siblings for free for long periods of time.

I don’t know what to say. There’s friction in my marriage, and I’m feeling really frustrated.

My husband thinks she should be paid since, without her, we’d have to pay someone we don’t know to watch our kid, which could end up costing more.

I am out of alternatives. Everything has been considered, yet I am still confused. My mind is just going AAAH.”

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