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Mom Received Criticism For Posting Pictures Of Her Kid Doing Household Chores, But Her Response Is Brilliant

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Mom Received Criticism For Posting Pictures Of Her Kid Doing Household Chores, But Her Response Is Brilliant

Many aspects of life in the modern world are strictly masculine or feminine.

Women are expected to always know how to cook, wash laundry, and clean the house, whereas most guys are expected to be handy with tools and participate in sports.

People find it weird and hilarious when boys or men execute duties that are viewed as being the sphere of women.

Nicole Boulogne, a mother from Michigan, received backlash after posting photos of her 7-year-old son cleaning the house and doing the dishes online.

Many people questioned her parenting skills, saying that guys shouldn’t pitch in with housework or other female-relegated tasks.

Nicole, a single mother of two, tries everything she can to encourage her children to think for themselves.

She may handle everything at home, but she firmly believes that her children will benefit in the long term if she teaches them to be self-reliant.

Her eldest child can tend to the garden, make simple meals, and help around the house. She hopes to teach her second child, who is still a toddler, how to do the same when she is older.

She gave the right reply when asked why she raised her child to act in this way.

“I teach my kid how to cook and take care of the house. Why? Since only women perform housework.

Because he could one day be a single man living alone who is capable of doing laundry and who doesn’t rely on delivery every night.

Because he might want to wow a significant other someday with a meal they made together.

Because he will eventually need to help out around the house after he has kids and a marriage.

Considering that I’ll be passing on a generation of individuals who lament that their schooling didn’t teach them how to wash laundry, cook, tie their own ties, or pay taxes.”

“Because it is my responsibility to teach these skills to my kid and prepare him to contribute to society both within and beyond the home you can teach your child valuable lessons while still allowing them to be children.

For my kid, cooking and household duties are never too “manly.”

He’ll be the kind of man who can check on his pot roast after changing a tire.

Who has the time to mow the grass and wash their laundry at the same time?

Remember, parents: A man who thinks he shouldn’t have to cook or clean up after himself was once a kid who wasn’t taught any better.”

As expected, her scientific inclination runs in her mother’s family.

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Studies show that children who are given chores to do as they grow older develop a sense of responsibility, become more willing to take chances, and achieve greater goals.

You’re a wonderful mother in our eyes, Nicole!

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