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Mom Of 2 Faces Backlash After Sharing A Video Of Family Father’s Day Picnic At Husband’s Grave

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Mom Of 2 Faces Backlash After Sharing A Video Of Family Father’s Day Picnic At Husband’s Grave

There are many ways to remember a loved one who has died. There are a lot of traditions that families have to remember the dead, and it’s only right that other people follow them.

Alas, that’s not always the case. The family of Mark Rosenthal knows this all too well. Mark is said to have died 13 years ago, but his family still goes to his grave to honor his life.

For Mark’s family, losing him was a terrible loss that will never fully heal. But they’ve found that feeling closer to him helps ease the pain of his absence. Still, they got mean comments online for how they marked an important day on the calendar…

Robin Rosenthal lost her husband Mark in 2010. After that, she raised their two kids, Sam and Emma, by herself in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Robin felt it was important to honor Mark’s memory in any way she could. Sam and Emma were also more than happy to do the same. This is why Mark’s family started putting videos of them visiting his grave online.

They shared a video from June 2022 of a lunch they had while camping on Father’s Day and eating it on the grass.

Emma and Robin were seen eating sandwiches in the short clip, which was meant to be funny.

“Father’s Day lunch with Dad!” In the video, you can hear Sam say something and then ask his mother where Mark is.

“Down there, in the ground,” Robin replies.

During their meal, Robin gave her husband a french fry by throwing it at his grave.

Even though the Rosenthal family was happy about Mark’s life in their own way, not everyone who watched their videos online felt the same way.

“Creepy that mom,” one person commented.

“I’m speechless, it’s so disrespectful,” another claimed.

“Lack of respect,” said a third.

A fourth person said, “This is weird and they have sauce or whatever all over there mouths and the dancing while sitting it’s all so very uncomfortable to watch.”

Still, the Rosenthals shared another video celebrating Father’s Day this year for their 600,000 TikTok fans to watch.

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It got a lot of different responses, just like last year. Many people thought that Mark’s family should be able to remember him in any way they chose, while others were more critical of the movies Robin and her kids watch.

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