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“Mom I Won’t Survive Tomorrow” Last Letter From Her Son Broke Her Heart

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“Mom I Won’t Survive Tomorrow” Last Letter From Her Son Broke Her Heart

Nineteen-year-old Goran Koranovich from Prnjavor, Batočina couldn’t withstand the threats from his neighbors, as well as cops, that they will take his dogs who he protects with care from starvation and death.

The news about this tragedy is all over social media, and the organization about animals in Banja Luka “Vag vag” with who the young man cooperated, just confirmed on their social profile.

“Goran Koranovich was 19-year-old lad. We cooperated and Goran made sure that all puppies have a home, while we supported his cause by sending food and other important things.

In his backyard he had around 50 dogs, but the problem escalated when everyone started threating him by calling the police about the noise, when there was none.

He kept the animals in his backyard in a village. The house nearby wasn’t really close, so the animals didn’t cause trouble, but the whole problem rose by the threats from a neighbor from Austria who came to the village twice a year, and leaves far away from Goran” explains Angel Shpanovich, the president of the association “Vag vag”.

Goran kept the dogs before they were adopted. He took good care of them and all was legal because the law isn’t clear how many dogs could be kept in a backyard.

“We took the legal things in our arms to register the adoption of the animals” they explain. In 2 weeks the whole thing should’ve been done, but the police and animal inspection came to his house all the time and pressured him. The threats made him took his own life. He had a wrong information, or was told so, that they would take his dogs if they persist to bother the neigbours, but that was completely illegal without an issued warrant from the court. His mother called the association that helped Goran and told them that he hanged himself, before they allegedly took the dogs from his home.

There was no indication that Goran would take his own life. At least not while he spoke to his mother, but before he took his own life he left her a message: “Mom, I won’t make it tomorrow.”

Goran took his own life, it was too late. His family is shocked and cannot fathom what just happened. Everything seemed OK before the shocking event.

The neighbors had connections in the police and law which made it possible to pressure him non-stop without any warrant – says the president of the association.

The torture on Goran lasted for months, and about month and a half before he took his own life, they shot on Goran with bird hunting gun, but the perpetrators fled without any consequences.

Since the tragedy, the president of the association said that all dogs will find a home, and they are working on the case tirelessly.

Sometimes life is not fair at all, and not all good people deserve what they get.

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