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Mom And Daughter Die – Then Grandma Sees Something That Gives Her The Chills

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Mom And Daughter Die – Then Grandma Sees Something That Gives Her The Chills

Hannah Simmons was taking her infant daughter for a checkup to a doctor in Gainesville, Georgia on a lovely spring day in 2017.

When Hannah’s car collided with a truck, the journey suddenly took a tragic turn.

Image source: Wikimedia

The loss of Hannah devastated her family. A image taken at the scene, though, provided some solace and optimism a few days later…

Hannah Simmons, age 23, and her closest friend were taking Hannah’s daughter, Alannah, to the pediatrician for a checkup. Alannah was nine months old.

Along the way, Hanna’s automobile swerved out of control and collided head-on with a truck. Her dearest friend and her nine-month-old daughter, Hanna, both perished in an instant.

A witness contacted 911, but he and the other onlookers soon realized that they couldn’t do much.

Anisa Gannon, 19, was also on her way to work when she arrived at the scene of the accident. Anisa was going to be late to work because of the road closure, so she pulled out her phone to take a picture to show her supervisor. After taking the photo, though, Anisa spotted something that hadn’t been there before.

A shaft of light appears to descend from the heavens and strike the area on the road where the woman and her child were killed.

For some reason, Anisa felt compelled to share the photo to the victim’s family, and when they saw the ray of hope, they lost it. Tara, Anisa’s aunt, also witnessed the event and remarked to her niece, “It looked like they were going to heaven.”

Relatives of the victims take solace in the light, which they interpret as proof that Hanna, her nine-month-old daughter, and her best friend had all gone to heaven, despite critics who believe it is just a reflection from Anisa’s car’s windshield.

When asked if she thought the image depicted a “road to paradise,” Hanna’s mother Jodi Simmons replied, “Absolutely.”

Only the knowledge that the departed is at rest in a better place can bring closure after the loss of a loved one.

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