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Mentally Unstable Person Lacks These 20 Personalty Traits


Mentally Unstable Person Lacks These 20 Personalty Traits

In the present world, mental stability is a very important factor for healthy living. If you aren’t mentally stable enough, there would be a lot of obstacles in your path that would crush you underneath it, all the while destabilizing your normal livelihood and affecting relationships around you.

But, don’t be so sure to believe that you are not a self-sufficient, mentally strong person. Read ahead, and see if you belong there.

1. The balance between emotion and reason

It is important to maintain a balance between emotion and reason, because both of them are equally important to exist. One cannot live without emotional constraints but. it would be foolish to assume that everything can be decided by the heart. The head needs to function as well.

2. Correct utilization of time

You never waste your time idling away, for an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. You are continuously trying out new stuff, trying to bring forth several new ideas and using your time in a way that is productive.

3. Being Malleable

You are like water. You can adapt to anything at any point under any circumstance. Nothing deters you from the ultimate goal.

4. Facing Your Fears

You want to meet your fears. You want to look them in the eye, and see them lose. As Joey says, “Go for it, man, jump off the high dive, stare down the barrel of the gun, pee into the wind!”

5. Experience From Mistakes

You learn from your mistakes. You realize where you went wrong and how you can go beyond that to achieve success.

6. The Present You and The Future You

You strike a bridge between the version of you that exists and the version of you that you want to exist. Note that in any rate, it would be feasible if both these entities were grounded to reality and not turnout to be characters of a superhero book.

7. Abstaining From Jealousy

You aren’t jealous of someone because they have succeeded in something. You give them your best because you really mean it. Also, jealousy is for people who don’t understand their true worth.

8. Decisions

You are cool-headed and live by a set of principles you don’t break under any circumstance. This helps you make decisions easily.

9. Grower, Not A Shower

You want to develop your talents, rather than show them off to people. They are for you, not others to see and applaud.

10. Honesty

You are honest with yourself. Period.

11. Pride

You are proud of yourself, but not vain. You are glad to be the person you are now, but you would love to get better.

12. Sweeter Fruits

You want to wait for your rewards, patiently, for you have worked for them hard enough.

13. Accountability

You are responsible for your actions and you know it. You can be held accountable for it and you would love to explain your actions to the concerned.

14. Another Mountain to Climb

You don’t consider obstacles to be a deal-breaker. Instead, you believe them to be important to your growth as an individual. The more difficulties, the more you learn, the more you experience, the more you grow.

15. Gratitude

You are grateful to everyone who has helped you along the way. You don’t consider yourself to be above anyone, and you show that by being grateful.

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16. Sticking To Your Strengths

You know what you do best and try to go along that path without succumbing to external interference.

17. Failures Don’t Destroy You

You don’t sit back completely depressed after something brings you down a few notches. You go up there and secure what’s yours.

18. Pragmatic Optimist

You are optimistic, yet you always keep backups ready. Careful enough to know where your feet are grounded.

19. Continuously Developing Yourself

You keep on trying to better yourself so that you won’t fail or be stagnant in the world that you live in.

20. Trivial Pursuits Don’t Appeal To You

You aren’t concerned with the smaller things in life, for your mind is always focused on the bigger picture. You know what you want and no trifle problem is going to stop you from achieving that.

So, are you a mentally stable person?

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