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On The Celebration Of Their 75th Anniversary, A Couple Who Never Actually Got Married Shares Their Insider Marriage Secrets, And You Will Love It


On The Celebration Of Their 75th Anniversary, A Couple Who Never Actually Got Married Shares Their Insider Marriage Secrets, And You Will Love It

Lorraine and Ulysses Dawson, a West Virginia couple, were excited about their upcoming wedding anniversary. It wasn’t the first anniversary, and it wasn’t even the tenth! . ……….. It was the 75th anniversary! What a wonderful milestone: 75 years of marriage!

Ulysses and Lorraine finally had the traditional white wedding they had dreamed of. Concerning who planned it, do you have any idea? It was planned and executed by relatives spanning five generations!

Lorraine and Ulysses Dawson said their first “I do’s” in 1946. Their wedding was not at all like modern wedding ceremonies. Lorraine wore a crimson suit to celebrate the end of World War II, while Ulysses remained in his Army uniform.

It wasn’t a traditional church wedding. Their true love brought them together, and a wedding was the glue that held them together. They had nine children and a magnificent marriage that lasted 75 years. As the years went by, their love grew deeper and they became closer.

With the 75th anniversary of Ulysses and Lorraine’s wedding approaching, their family came up with a creative way to celebrate. They came up with a creative method to honor their enduring romance.

Lorraine’s casual remark set in motion a cascade of events as the big day approached. The woman told her daughter, Laverna Sharon Adkins, “You know, I’ve never had a wedding.”

The wedding was a traditional church ceremony planned by the family. It would be the best possible way to celebrate Lorraine and Ulysses Dawson’s 75th wedding anniversary.

“That’s how it all came together. [It] was my mother’s wish and so everybody got together,” Laverna said with a broad smile.

Lorraine chose to wear a stunning white gown for the occasion. Ulysses, a veteran who took great pride in his service, wore a copy of the uniform he had worn when he and Lorraine initially became engaged and again when they were married.

Surrounded by family from five generations back, all of whom had gathered for the 75th anniversary party. There was a wedding between Ulysses Dawson and Lorraine. The second “I do” was said in a very gorgeous, traditional church wedding ceremony, making it all the more memorable. Now, this was something out of the ordinary. As a result, they missed out on this opportunity back in 1946.

There was a 75-year gap. But anybody could see in their eyes the emotional connection they shared. The opportunity to commemorate 75 years of marriage is cause for great joy. Indeed, no one knows this better than Ulysses and Lorraine Dawson.

Image source: Vanessa Bailes

After his church wedding and the lavish celebration that followed, Ulysses responded in an emotionally charged voice: “My prayers were answered and I thank God for it all.”

There were a lot of visitors who were looking for direction. They were constantly being asked to reveal their secret to a happy and fulfilling marriage. They were an open and honest couple about their secret.

Image source: Vanessa Bailes

“The main thing is God and putting Him first,” Ulysses revealed.

Giving God the first part of your day, the top priority of every decision, and the first place in your heart is the secret to a happy existence.

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