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Man’s Facebook Post Went Viral After 93-Year-Old Stranger Suddenly Passed Him This Note


Man’s Facebook Post Went Viral After 93-Year-Old Stranger Suddenly Passed Him This Note

A North Carolina man shared his touching story on Facebook after receiving an unexpected note from a 93-year-old gentleman in a packed restaurant. The gentleman couldn’t speak, but he surely found a heartwarming way of communicating with people.

The Facebook post has since gone viral, being shared thousands of times on social media! Read it below.

Farris Leonard Story:

Today I went to lane’s ferry grill to eat lunch. great staff and food. i needed a real bacon cheeseburger. place was packed. now the rest of the story…

As i sat alone with one seat open an elderly gentleman caught my attention and pointed to the chair and motioned if he could sit down. i replied sure. he was filling out his order sheet and one of the staff came to say to me that the gentleman communicated by passing notes because he couldn’t hear or speak well. they asked if he could sit there. i responded we had already worked that out.

As we sat and passed notes, we filled up both sides of his paper, i only wondered the things he had seen. well he met jfk, in the ’40s he went to arizona and it was 120 degrees. yes, we wrote about the weather. what a great lunch!

I tell this story that may seem insignificant, only to share just how significant it was. as i sat there i wondered if and hoped that i was making a better day for this 93 year young gentleman.

But then it hit me and it gave cause to write my final note to him which said, “sir i want to thank you for sharing lunch with me. i must go now but i want you to know that you made my day a better day. take care of yourself.” you should of seen his eyes and smile as he read it. he embraced his heart and gave me a handshake that was real. we hugged and took a picture.

This story is not about what i did but about what we all can do. with a little time, a lot of compassion and not being about “me” and “i’” so much, we could help make and be in a better place. passing notes with this gentleman was priceless.”

Image source: Farris Leonard

With all the negative, divisive stories in the media, it’s great to see a beautiful story of compassion between two strangers.

The Final Farewell

Very sad to hear “Eddie” has passed. If you ever met him, if you ever passed notes with him you lived a better life from that moment on. Many people met him and their day was brighter. “Eddie” was the common denominator that made it brighter 

Jimmy Valvano said, “There are three things we should do everyday of our lives, we should laugh, we should think and we should cry. If we do all three in a day, that’s a heckuva day”. It’s been a heckuva day since I heard he passed.

I am thankful for one random day when I went to Lanes Ferry Dock & Grill for lunch, it was packed and a man I had never met before wrote me a note on a napkin. Then we actually ran out of napkins sharing a table together.

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