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Man Makes Fun Of His Unemployed Wife For Doing Nothing, Then Finds A Note After The Ambulance Takes Her Away

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Man Makes Fun Of His Unemployed Wife For Doing Nothing, Then Finds A Note After The Ambulance Takes Her Away

A haughty man constantly makes fun of his wife for not being able to do her job as a housewife. He later feels bad about what he said when karma teaches him a lesson the hard way.

Shannon Miles thought she could quickly handle both work and housework when she had her first daughter, Claire. To be fair, she wasn’t completely wrong. She did pull it off like a pro, though. But things got worse for her when she had twins, Lucas and Justin.

It was hard for her to focus on her work and three kids at the same time, so she made a lot of bad decisions at home. Sometimes she left the iron on too long and burned the clothes while she was ironing them, and other times the food was burnt.

Martin got irritated with his wife because he could see how badly she was handling both work and the house. He told Shannon to quit her job and spend all day with their kids. The woman thought for a moment and said she’d handle both sides, but she couldn’t, so she had to quit her job.

But that wasn’t the only thing that changed in her life after she had her kids. Shannon saw that Martin got angry with her a lot after she became a stay-at-home mom. No matter what she did, he grew angry with her.

Shannon was to blame if there were dirty plates. Shannon was to blame if the kids’ toys ended up on the living room floor. Again, Shannon was to blame if the food had too much salt.

Every time something went wrong, Martin said it was Shannon’s fault. Martin said Shannon shouldn’t make mistakes. Martin would get angry at his wife whenever something went wrong, calling her lazy and saying she could never do anything right!

“I can’t believe you’re the same woman I fought with my mom to marry, Shannon,” Martin would tease her, thinking about the time he started dating her against his mother’s wishes.

She looked at her kids and didn’t say anything because she didn’t want her family to split up. Shannon must have felt bad when she heard Martin say those things. Martin never got that, and the man finally crossed the line one day…

“SHANNON! Are you not able to hear me? “Right now, come here!” Martin cried out.

That day was Lucas and Justin’s first birthday, and they had a party at home. So that night, Shannon was in the room with the twins and singing them a song to try to get them to sleep. But Martin was there, and the babies started crying when they heard him.

After putting the babies in their cradles, Shannon ran to the living room. “Martin, what are you doing wrong?” Why don’t you shut up? Claire just fell asleep, but Lucas and Justin aren’t going to sleep!”

“Having a hard time?” Martin laughed in a mocking way. “Babe, I think you forgot to do that. You don’t even work for us!”

“Really, Dean?” Don’t act like you help us a lot! I do everything around the house, like the dishes, cleaning, and clothes!”

“Hey Shannon, look!” I don’t want to hear your “feminist” speech. Make sure the dishes are done after you put the kids to bed. I’m going to sleep because I’m tired. A smelly kitchen is the last thing I want to see in the morning!” Martin said something angry while pointing to the sink in the kitchen that was full of dishes.

I thought you were joking, Martin. Why do you want me to do everything by myself? I had to cook for everyone, and now I have babies to take care of. At least help me, will you?”

“What should I do?” Help?” Martin had a laugh. “Shanon, that’s your job. At least once, do it right. Okay?” He added this before leaving for their bedroom.

“Look, Martin….” Shannon had just begun to talk when she got a little dizzy. Her hands were tight on the ends of a table as she said, “Martin, I haven’t had time to eat anything since morning.” “Can you…?” Shannon was about to finish talking when she felt her head getting heavy and fell to the ground.

When Shannon fell, the vase on the table broke into many pieces, making a loud noise that woke Martin up. He frowned when he turned around and saw Shannon had passed out. Hey Shannon, get up! Do you hear me? It’s not funny if you’re just acting!”

The man became worried when Shannon didn’t answer. He quickly called 911 and ran to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Shannon didn’t wake up even though he splashed water on her face!

He asked Mrs. Cameron, his next-door neighbor, to watch the kids while he waited for the ambulance.

Martin felt like every minute went by so slowly, but the wait was over in 10 minutes. When the firemen got there, Martin ran outside with Shannon in his arms and to the ambulance. The doctors told him that Shannon had passed out from being so tired and would be watched for a while.

Martin got home late from the hospital and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. While there, he stepped on pieces of a vase that had broken. As he bent down to pick them up, his attention was called to a note on the ground. He took it out and began to read it. Shannon had a list of things to do.

5.00 a.m. – Get up!

5:30 a.m.: Take a shower and get Claire’s school bag ready.

6 a.m.: Milk for babies. Also, Claire should already be awake.

7:00 a.m.: Wake Martin up.

7:30: Start making breakfast.

At 8:00, Claire’s school bus comes.

8:15: Martin needs to iron his clothes and pack his lunch.

9:00 – Martin leaves (Free time, hehe)

Shannon, you can take it easy until 10 o’clock! Don’t forget to feed the babies! You also need to clean Clarie’s room and the dishes.

12:00 – Lunch

Claire comes back at 1:00

2:00 – Claire’s tuitions

3:00: Get Claire.

4:00: Make Claire some cookies.

5:00: Start getting dinner ready.

It’s 6:00, and Martin is back. Now is the time for babies to go to sleep.

7:00: Eat dinner

8:00: Spend time with Martin

8:30: Do the dishes

9:00: Do laundry and get ready for tomorrow.

10:00: If you’re not dead, read a book!

You can do it, Shannon!

He couldn’t believe what he saw when he read the list. Shannon didn’t have any free time during the day. One thing or another was always on her mind. It’s no wonder she was tired! Then I was yelling at her all the time! Martin felt bad about getting angry with her.

He asked for a leave of absence the next day and tried to do the jobs on Shannon’s list, but he couldn’t even get halfway through it. When he woke up at 10 a.m., he saw that he had already forgotten to do almost half of the things on his list. The rest of the day also didn’t go as planned. For breakfast, I had burnt toast, and for dinner, I had soup without salt.

Martin knew at that point he shouldn’t have been so mean to his wife. She did everything she could for them! He bought Shannon’s favorite flowers at a flower shop the next time he went to see her in the hospital.

He gave them to Shannon and told her he was sorry at the hospital. “Sorry, honey. The doctors said you passed out because you were too tired. “I should not have been so mean to you.”

Shannon was shocked by her husband’s unexpected act. “Martin, are you all right?” What I mean is…”

Before Shannon could finish, Martin stepped forward and gave her a big hug. “Yes, of course I am.” Could we please stay this way for a little while?”

“Martin, are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes, honey. I love you and am sorry!”

“I love you too, honey,” Shannon told herself. She was surprised that her husband cared about her, but she was glad he was there for her.

Martin was not at all the same guy he was before. To help Shannon around the house, he hired a nanny. On the weekends, when the nanny wasn’t there, he did the cleaning with his wife. Martin finally understood, though it was too late, that housework is not an easy job!

What does this story teach us?

You can’t understand what someone is going through until you put yourself in their shoes. Martin spent a day trying to do everything on Shannon’s list but failed horribly.

Show respect for everyone’s job. There is a lot of hard work that goes into getting things done, no matter what the job is. Martin found this out the hard way when he spent a day in Shannon’s place.

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